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"The Mid-Town Memphis Men"

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Billy Coker

   Billy's love of gospel music started at a very young age. He would sing gospel songs in Sunday school and the church bio1.gif (36682 bytes)choir. He grew up in the fifties and sixties. He would sit along side his daddy in front of the TV watching The Gospel Jubilee and The Blackwood Brothers' Show. While they watched, Billy and his daddy would get out their guitars and play along with them while learning their songs and quartet style of harmony.

   Billy says, "I dedicate my part of the CD to the memory of my father, Howard Coker, and his love of gospel that he instilled in me".
Billy H. Coker


Paul Cooper

   Paul says, "Being the baby in a family with ten children, born the seventh sonbio2.gif (40458 bytes) of a seventh son, and having a double crown in the back of my head, I always thought I was the luckiest man in the world".

   He was a DJ for private parties during the seventies, and had started collecting record long before then. He loved the love songs performed by artist like Jim Reeves, Eddie Arnold, Jim Ed Brown, and, of course, Elvis. Paul exclaims, "I just love me some El-bliss". Paul goes on to say, "The only difference, besides them all being real talented, is I wanted to sing love songs to the Lord. I wanted to make a CD of love songs to the Lord that anyone and everyone could sing along with. I love to sing in retirement homes to old people waiting to join angels that have gone on before us. If we are singing at a festival, or opening in mid-town, and the young people that might not have ever heard the old traditional songs before want to pat a foot or two, that will be alright, too.
Paul C. Cooper


Roger Burns

   Having been raised in a Christian home, Roger had the pleasure of singing a lot of gospel music. Roger says, "Whether at home or at church, singing gospel music always brought joy to mybio3.gif (29662 bytes) heart as it still does today. The angels in heaven rejoice when we sing praise to God, and I truly believe He blesses everyone for those praises. I would like to thank my wonderful wife, Phyllis, for her words of encouragement and unconditional love."
Roger A. Burns

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