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"Big Al Traynor"

      "Big" Al Traynor was born in Barrie Ontario. He is the second oldest of 10 children. He started playing the mouth organ when he was about 15 years old, thenbought a guitar and taught himself to play. He's been playing music now for over 40 years. He plays banjo, doghouse bass, mandolin, and violin. He's played in 2 bluegrass bands, and was Smiley Bates' bass player for 25 years.
   "Big" Al Traynor is retired now, and has finally fulfilled his lifelong dream. In May 2002 he completed his first 2 albums, "Stories Of Life" & "Pure Country" recorded in Oshawa, Ontario at Ambassador Studio. In the summer of 2003, he completed 4 more albums. "Diamonds", "Just A Closer Walk", "In The Key Of "C" Boys" & "My Tribute to Smiley Bates". All albums have been doing very well for Al, especially in Newfoundland and in Australia. He finished another album, which consist of 15 songs written by him. The title of this album is "Pure Country Tears" and is available by clicking on the music or CD link to the left. That's not all, folks. He's got some that are even newer that are available by clicking on the link to the left.

A Message From The Owner Of The Country Music Planet

   Hello, I am Jerry Mac with The Country Music Planet located on the Internet at countrymusicplanet.com. It has definitely been a pleasure of mine working with "Big" Al. He's a good singer/songwriter & a hard working one. I encourage you to purchase some of "Big" Al's music, and I know you will enjoy it.
Jerry Mac

Click Here To Listen To And/Or Download Al Traynor Songs.
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"Big" Al Traynor is a citizen of The Country Music Planet.


"Big" Al Traynor is a citizen of The Country Music Planet!
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