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Country Music Planet
Jerry Mac's News
November / December, 2003 Issue


Welcome the holiday season with two of country music's most sensual voices.  Ty Herndon and Deborah Allen are hitting the road together and plan on having a Not So Silent Christmas!

Ty Herndon (What Mattered Most, Living in a Moment) developed his vocal ability singing southern gospel.  His convincing vocal ability, meaty songs, and a blazing live stage show grip his audiences and have them screaming for more.  There's no denying the talent of this impassioned entertainer!

Multi-million airplay, award-winning songwriter and Grammy-nominated recording artist, Deborah Allen (Baby I Lied, Rockin' Little Christmas) is known as one of the music industry's most diverse and dynamic
talents.  With a silky, soulful, delta voice her performances show her energy and a depth of passion that make her one incredible performer.

No need to curl up by the fire; Ty Herndon and Deborah Allen will keep you warm with their Christmas favorites.

Deborah Allen is available for interviews.  Print media can contact Laura Claffey with Publicity House at or 615-545-8763.  Radio can contact Sharon Eaves with Publicity House at 615-297-7002.

Publicity House
PO Box 178164, Nashville, TN, 37217-8164
Phone: 615-545-8763; Fax: 760-437-4633


Tanya Tucker

Written by: Jerry Mac

   Tanya Tucker, in my opinion, is the greatest female country music entertainer that ever lived. I've been in the music business since I was 16 years old and I am 62 now, and I've seen most every female country Tanya Tucker, The World's Greatest Female Country Music Entertainer music entertainer that's performed any time during the 46 years that I have been involved in music. I have never said this about another female country music singer. Don't get me wrong. I've said a lot of nice things about a lot of them, but Tanya is the only one that gets a title from me as "THE WORLD'S GREATEST FEMALE COUNTRY MUSIC ENTERTAINER". I certainly hope this proclamation doesn't make some of my good friends that are female country music singers mad at me. Most of you are extremely good entertainers, and I love all of you for not only your talents, but, also, for your work ethic. Wow! I just stuck my neck out, didn't I? Well, Tanya is worth sticking my neck out for, because she's more than the title I just gave her. She's one of the most unselfish human beings that I have ever had the pleasure of being around.
   It was 1972. I was traveling through the State of Virginia, when I heard this incredible voice with feeling coming over the radio. I had no idea who the singer was at the time, but I knew it wasn't just a singer singing a song. Not very often have I heard a song and a singer where you couldn't separate the two without destroying them both. That's what impressed me so much the first time I ever heard her. Tanya and the song were not two different entities. They had become one. The song was the singer and the singer was the song. Elvis did the same thing with "That's Alright Momma". It wasn't long before I found out that this was a 13 year old named Tanya Tucker. I have been following her career ever since then, and have had the immeasurable pleasure of interacting with her on several occasions. Sometimes I was working for her behind the scenes when she was totally unaware of it, most especially when I had a booking agency in Memphis in the early eighties.
   Like a lot of country music lovers of my generation, I followed her career closely; but I had privy to some information others didn't have, because of being in the music business. I can't say I knew the person back in those days, even though I had met her in passing on more than one occasion. I was busy making a living in the music business at the time, and she was busy becoming a big success and a household name. Yep! Back then, I only knew the entertainer, but I felt like I knew her. Who didn't? Anyone that ever listened to a Tanya Tucker song felt like they knew her personally. She delivered a song then, and still does to this day, in a way that makes anyone listening think she's singing it straight to them.
   During most of the Nineties, I was off the road and in Nashville. I worked a lot of different clubs in Nashville as a Master Of Ceremonies. It was one of the most pleasurable periods of my professional life. One club in particular that I worked at was "World Famous Barbara's" in "World Famous Printers Alley". Barbara's was a very unique night club which we will never see the likes of again unless Barbara Haney, herself, opens another one. Even then, it'll never be the same. It'll be great, and I hope it happens, but it will never be the same. The whole world knows what Tootsie's did for the struggling songwriters and singers back during the hey day of country music, but few know what a big impact Barbara's had on the singers that are singing the songs that are being played on the radio today. It would be impossible for me to name all the singers that were coming to Nashville during the early nineties trying to make it in the country music business. Most of them ended up at Barbara's, and most of them became regulars. Most of those songs you are hearing on the radio were written by songwriters that were in Barbara's quite often. You may be asking yourself, "What does all this have to do with Tanya Tucker"? Well! Let me tell you.
   Tanya Tucker is just like all of us human beings. She has to have a place to go to unwind, and Barbara's was one of those places. Tanya & Barbara were good friends, and Tanya had a lot of good times in Barbara's. You see, Barbara's was, more or less, a hangout for folks in the country music business.
   A mutual friend of everyone mentioned here, including myself, was a beautiful woman and a beautiful human being named Pauline Smith. Pauline got sick and finally passed on to that big show in the sky. It wasn't until Pauline got sick, that I saw a side of Tanya Tucker I like the most, "The Human Side". I will not go into too much detail about this, due to the fact that the loss of Pauline was a great loss to me, everyone else mentioned here, and many, many more that are not mentioned here. Tanya organized one of the biggest and best musical benefits I have ever seen for Pauline before she passed on. I could go on and on and on about the good things that I have seen come out of the human side of Tanya Tucker, but I won't do that. I'll just close in saying, "Tanya Tucker is one fine human being".
Jerry Mac


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