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Country Music Planet
Jerry Mac's News
November / December, 2003 Issue

Randy Thompson Delivers Grit And Grandeur
On THAT’S NOT ME – His Third Album
Set For February 10, 2004 Release

"Thompson is a strong songwriter and evocative singer…he shows a real knack for a good line." -No Depression

   Nashville, TN (November 11, 2003) - - Compassionate, powerful, and moving, Randy Thompson delivers equal parts of grit and grandeur on his third album, THAT’S NOT ME. He is a strong writer with a compelling, gravel-laced voice. Thompson’s music is a vibrant combination of aggressive arrangements, concise lyrics and emotionally charged vocals. The CD produced by Garrick Alden, Rick West and Randy Thompson will be a joint release on Jackpot/Leaps Records, nationally distributed by REDEYE, with a February 10, 2004 street date.
   A regular fixture in such high-profile venues as the Birchmere and the Bluebird Café, Randy has opened dates for the likes of George Jones, Sawyer Brown, Kevin Welch and Shelby Lynne. Now, he brings his body-and-soul songwriting and honky-tonk driven style to disc. "I’m really happy with this album," says the broad-shouldered troubadour. "This was a journey. I spent five years writing and recorded about 20 songs. The songs I chose for this CD made an album to me – they all work together. This project is exactly what I wanted it to be."
   THAT’S NOT ME fits easily into several musical categories - Country, Americana, and Progressive Country. The songs are all from the heart. Thompson wrote or co-wrote all the songs on the CD, with the exception of "The Whole World," written by Steve Young. The piano-driven title track has a wide-open feel and rolls along much like the Virginia back roads that Thompson calls home; his voice sails through its emotional peaks and valleys like a bird on the wing. "The Lovin’ Shown" is a bluegrass-tinged, mandolin-rich creation of musical beauty. "If Love Is What You Want" is a stunning acknowledgment of the lure of the wild side – and the price we pay if we answer that call.
   Thompson is, without a doubt, a writer in his prime and a singer who understands his strengths. "I don’t ever try to write an idea," says Randy. "I write songs like most people keep a diary. My music helps me think things through." Thompson’s songs are brilliant portrayals of loss, hope, acceptance, and regret. THAT’S NOT ME is not the journey’s end for Randy. It is the beginning of a whole new chapter for this talented performer. "I have a great life," he says. "I want to take this project as far as it goes. We’ll see where that is when we get there."

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Santa Claus

Christmas Is For Families

  Written by Jerry Mac  on December 20, 2002 ©

  Families should get together at Christmas time,
And leave all their cares and problems behind.
Ones who had their differences during the year
Should lay them aside and spread Christmas cheer.

  Miles and money that keep some apart
Should be with each other in their heart.
The ones who are no longer with us on this day
Should be thought of in a very special way.

  Brothers should love brothers,
And sisters should love sisters, too.
Everyone should be happy
No one should be blue.

  The young should listen close to the old
Because their stories are worth more than gold.
The old should listen to the young, too.
Sometimes they know more than we think they do.

  The most important thing of all this time of year
When all of us are full of Christmas cheer
Is that Christ is the reason we celebrate,
So let’s do it with love and do away with hate.


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