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Country Music Planet
Jerry Mac's News
November / December, 2003 Issue

Four Years in the Making Lands Chicago Producer A Tribute to His Favorite Musicians

   Chicago Producer, Neil J. Cacciottolo recently brought together a group of musicians for a session at the famed Bradley’s Barn just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. But this was not an ordinary session that Neil has produced for so many to date. For anyone who is not astute with the past, especially with background musicians from the early sixties in Nashville, this group of ultra-talented music extraordinaire would not mean anything to the numerous upon numerous hits that one hears daily on the radio and now the internet. But these same individuals know the artists-the late Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline, as well as living and still performing artist like Brenda Lee, and Les Paul, to name only a few. These are the musicians responsible for so many of the history making gold hits that we hear on the radio and even on some television commercials each day. So, why record an album at this day and time reflecting acutely on the past? “What’s old is new”, states Neil J. Cacciottolo. “Take a look at some of your releases today, especially the dynamic Nora Jones who just sold out one of our local venues at Ravinia-and in record numbers”. “People want to hear quality music, and with today’s technology, the older style of music is new again”. “Studios of today provide a much broader spectrum of options and sound than they did thirty or so years ago”.
   The concept of this history making album did not start on a whim. Neil said that he visualized the idea a few years ago while on his many work assignments to Nashville. Conversing with Harold Bradley, a good friend of his of over fifteen-years, Harold consented to contact his old friends who he worked with side by side, especially on all of the Elvis Presley movie soundtracks and record releases from that period. Bradley, who by the way, is also recognized as the world’s most recorded session guitarist, an achievement unparalleled in the annals of recorded music.
   As for the musicians on the album, they can all speak for themselves. The line up at the sessions was tremendous, Harold Bradley on guitar, Bob Moore on stand-up bass, Buddy Harman on drums, the legendary and Grammy winning Jordanaires and saxophone great “Boots” Randolph both added their special touch.
   Neil called upon Walt Cunningham who played piano and keyboards. A well rounded musician in his own right with close proximity to the sound of the late Floyd Cramer who was also part of the Nashville’s “A” team at that period of time.
   “I added Walt to the session knowing that he has the closest sound to Floyd, and he proved once again his remarkable genius in performing the selections on those March dates”; says Neil. “Walt and I have been working together on many Nashville sessions for over fifteen years and have developed a very good friendship since then”.
   Not to go without mention, one cannot forget the engineering talents of Bob Bradley at Bradley’s Barn, who transformed the multitude of sounds into a polished commercial work of art. Bob is related to the late industry great Owen Bradley, and of coarse Harold Bradley who played on the sessions, and is also kin to current industry executive Jerry Bradley.
   The master was completed at the famed Chicago Recording Company. CRC is equipped with the latest state-of-art technology, and the master was completed by the skilled and creative hands of engineer Matt Le Jeune.
   Famed photographer Patricia Presley of Nashville was on had to capture the historic session at Bradley’s Barn, adding her professional touch to all of the color and black and white photos on the CD.
   Neil Cacci began his recording career as an intern performing on free lance demos in Chicago at the now legendary Chess Records, Mercury, Decca, and United Artists Records. When UA Records commenced operations in Nashville, Neil followed suit and began his songwriting career, later forming Sunset Promotions-Chicago, a then recording and radio promotion company.
   Having formal musical training and a degree in media relations helped the company become established, as Neil eventually added a publishing and media division.
   When asked about the selections on the CD, Neil answered, “As a creative twist, I have had the songs recorded on the same dates forty-years later”!
   “At that time, the men were engaged in recording a good number of hit songs for Elvis and soundtracks for his movies”.
   “I was asked to record two of my original songs that did very well for us about fifteen or so years ago, “Part Time Love” and “Lonely Highway”. “These songs were tracks from an album titled; “Rock-A-Billy Friends”.
   “Though all of the songs are excellent, the three songs that have been receiving good reviews and especially to watch for are; “Part Time Love” (an original), “Suspicion” (originally recorded by Elvis and then Terry Stafford), and “Starting Today” (a song written by Don Robertson-one of Neil’s favorite songwriters originally hailing from Chicago).
   To sum up what kind of sound this album conveys, “It is a kicked-up version of early-sixties Country-Pop”, says Neil.
   “We have also included a rare half-hour interview with Harold Bradley”. “In the interview, Harold narrates stories that were never talked or known about on the original sessions that included Elvis, Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline, Les Paul and others”. “The backside of the CD contains eight instrumental cuts that were remixed, adding a total sixteen songs.”
   On a recent pre-release survey, one music industry insider stated that, “This is definitely an album that everyone should have in their collection. The CD is both history making and entertaining, and reflects a point of view that musical masters only come about once in a great while.”

For additional information contact:
Sunset Media Group
PO Box 660

Palos Park, Illinois 60464-0660
Phone: 708 371 9533
Fax: 708 371 9535



   After successful appearances at both the Gympie Muster, QLD and The Mildura Independent Country Music
Festival, VIC. Shane now ,has begun recording his next album at a studio in the inner Sydney city suburb of Glebe with his long time friend and master guitarist Rex Goh producing. Although it is likely that Mat Fell, who produced Shane's 1st album will come in to co produce some tracks as well. 12 new songs have been written all by Shane still in the Americana form (Folk, Country, Blues and Rock`n Roll).
   Tracks from "7,000 Miles" are now being played on 39 radio stations
overseas. Those countries are Holland, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Yugoslavia, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Canada, USA, Scotland, Ireland, England & New Zealand.
   Shane's website has reached 3,500 visits in just less than a year in operation. With hits from all around the world!
   The first single from 7,000 Miles, "Lucy & Jemima" has been added to the Big Country program on all incoming and outgoing Qantas international flights from the beginning of November 03 to the end of January 04 .
  Shane's voice can be heard  on 2 Australian national television advertisements (MasterCard and Sony Cybershot), both of which have recently been rolled over for extra airplay.
CHART" 1 - 15 Oct. 2003, Shane Flew landed at No 59. Total entries this report period - 13,233  (spins). Total Artists receiving Airplay - 3020. Major Label vs. Independent Label - Major 25%, Indie 75%. # 1 Position had 161 reported spins. # 259 had 14 reported spins. Distribution Rule Cut -off was fourteen (14) Top 259 Most Played Artists for this period. Please remember, if you made these charts at # 259, there are 2761 others who did not this period or are behind you.

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The Country Music Planet Growing At Tremendous Rate

   The Country Music Planet, located on the Internet at is rapidly becoming the most visited site on the Internet dedicated to independent country music entertainers. The hits to their site for the month of November are projected to more than double the hits from the previous month. The Country Music Planet hits, being monitored by TheWebalizer, (One of the Internets most reliable monitoring services located at, were reported as 44,220 during the month of October, 2003. As of November 13, 2003 The country Music Planet has already received over 35,000 hits. Therefore it is easy to predict that their traffic will double in only one months time.



   Nashville, TN (November 7, 2003) - -"Today is a day of vindication for Kevin and me. Kevin lost his life, but today justice has been served, and it gives our families a peace of mind and a sense of closure. I've spent the last 14 years of my life looking over my shoulder, always aware that danger can come at any place, at any time. I don't have to do that anymore. I'm free and I can move on."
   This was Sammy Sadler's statement to the press today, following the sentencing of Richard D'Antonio. Convicted in September for the 1989 murder of Kevin Hughes and assault with intent to commit second-degree murder for the attack on Sadler, D'Antonio was sentenced to life in prison.
   At the time of his death on March 9, 1989, Hughes was preparing to go public with information regarding an elaborate chart-fixing scheme controlled by Chuck Dixon at the now-defunct Cash Box magazine. Hughes' job involved calling radio stations to track airplay, numbers used by the magazine to help determine chart position. After Hughes discovered Dixon's swindle, he was planning to expose it, witnesses testified. D'Antonio was an associate of Dixon's, and his alleged bagman. Witnesses said D'Antonio collected bribes ranging from $1,500 to $2,000 per single for charting positions. Hughes was killed to protect Dixon and D'Antonio from exposure and conspiracy charges. Sammy Sadler underwent years of physical therapy and still bears the scars from that awful night. The bullet that struck him is forever lodged in his chest and he will always carry memories of the attack with him. There is, however, "A comfort in understanding the reasons why," that this trial, conviction and sentencing have brought him.
   Today marks the end of the final chapter in this 14-year saga, and it's an end that Sadler and his family are glad has come. "I am happy for Kevin's family, because I know how much they have suffered. And, I'm glad to have finally told my story publicly. It's helped me enormously to spend these last few days here in Nashville, walking the same streets, and discussing what happened back then. It's brought a measure of peace to my life and I'm thankful for that," Sadler said. Currently Sammy is back promoting his new single, "I Know A Place," and he has finished recording a new album, HARD ON A HEART. Due out early next year on Texas Records, the CD is Sadler's return to the career he left behind in 1989. "I feel very positive about this project," says the soft-spoken singer. "I've been on a radio tour of the Southwest for the last two months and the response has been very positive. I'm excited to be moving forward with my life and with my music. I have survived and now it's my time to pursue my dream."

Martha Moore
so much MOORE media  - Celebrating 15  Years!
PO Box 120426
Nashville, TN 37212-0426
ph  615.298.1689
fax  615.298.1446

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