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City Moon

CITY MOON continuously proves that it will not take a back seat to Nashville's best! After recently joining the ever-expanding Lunacy Records label, City Moon has just completed a 13 city tour in support of its newest CD release, "Way too Hot!". The tour, sponsored by participating Wal-Mart stores has brought City Moon a status that is normally reserved for national label artists only. Performing multiple tour dates with Nashville's hottest acts,  City Moon's resume reads like a who's who of today's radio hit makers.

Debbie Elam

Debbie was in Nashville April 29 to May 6 recording her Debut CD Dream Lover.  Visit Debbie's web site to see photos and learn more about this exciting trip.  The CD should be ready for shipment in a couple of weeks.  You can hear unmastered (good but not as good as they will be) cuts from the CD by visiting Debbie's web site, also. You can order Debbie's CD now online using your Credit Card and You will be one of the first to own a copy. Debbie met singer/songwriter Deborah Allen while in the studio in Nashville.  Deborah is writing with Jim Sells, the producer for Debbie's CD.  She wanted to meet Debbie and hear some of her cuts.

Billy Nathan
BonTex Records recording artist

Billy was born in the state of Louisiana, but has been calling Nashville, Tennessee his home for over 20 years. He moved to Nashville in the '70's with the same dream as thousands of other singer/songwriters. Billy wasn't in Music City USA long before he recorded his first CD entitled, "ON MY OWN AGAIN". This album received rave reviews by all the Nashville insiders. The review board of BonTex Records as recent as June, 1999 reviewed the album and thought so much of it's total content that they decided to re-release it under their label. The album is available on the BonTex label on Billy's web site. The president of BonTex Records said, "I have never heard a country album that was any better than Billy Nathan's "ON MY OWN AGAIN". The only problem we are going to have is trying to decide which of the 10 songs we should release as a single first. Every song on the album is a potential smash hit." Billy is the only writer of 5 of the songs and co-writer on the other 5 with his good friend, David Johnson. WOW!!! What an entertainer. And even more impressive-What a nice human being.

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Kaitlin Corrie

Kaitlin is a 13 year old power house female vocalist and a very strong up and coming star in the mid west. She has performed with artists such as Shania Twain, T.G. Sheppard, Ken Mellons, Del Reeves, George Lindsey and others. Kaitlin was awarded "1998 Most Promising New Female Vocalist of the Year" and "1999 Young Entertainer of the Year" by the Illinois Country Music Association. Kaitlin certainly sings some great songs; "Why Haven't I Heard From You", "Go Away", "Your Cheatin' Heart". Visit Kaitlin's web site to listen. In Kaitlin's own words, "I created my first CD when I was 12 years old. It was around mid 1998, and I was able to pull it off with the help of "Farmer" Dave Grimes. He had a friend by the name of Ron "Fritz" Brading, who has a recording area in his house. It wasn't what most of you are thinking, it wasn't a sound proof booth. He had a microphone that picked up just my voice, so there was no outside interference, which ended up with a very clear sound. To get my CD up and running of course you need people that know what they are doing. So we hired some people. My mom (Deanne Corrie) produced it. But it was recorded and mixed by Ron Brading. The CD was entitled " First Time Around " which was thought up by my dad (Kenneth Corrie) So as you see there was a lot of family influence on my CD." If you want to know more you must visit Kaitlin's web site.

Web Design For Entertainers

Creating a website to share your music with the WWW can be a daunting task. There are many new skills one has to learn: the HTML Language, scanning, graphics programs, uploading your site's many components to the web and then making certain it can be easily found. Planet Earth Web Designs can create a custom website for you. It is our goal to create sites that are both visually and audibly appealing and functional. We are capable of building you a site with streaming real audio and video. We are available for consultation, redesigning sites and site analysis as well. Creating a successful website involves dozens of elements starting with content, organization, and proper coding in order to be compatible with a variety of browsers and operating systems. Let us design your MUSIC SITE!!

Victoria Morningstar

12 year old country sensation, Victoria Morningstar has been singing since the age of 3. She has performed at rodeos, fairs, festivals, TV, and won many talent competitions. Don't miss her site. Victoria will be at the CMOA Showcase in Las Vegas Nevada October 17 - 22nd. Victoria Will be releasing her first CD. "Girl In The Mirror". She is a 4.0 student in the 6th grade. For more information and bookings please contact Chavez Performance and Arts Academy Phone: 801-261-4298 Salt Lake City, Utah. or at the following E- Mail address or this one.

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Angela Baker

Angela Baker is the last artist discovered, promoted and managed by the late, great "Wally Fowler." Fowler originated the Oak Ridge Quartet, and discovered many great legends such as Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Sr., and Chet Atkins, to name a few. Angela is the 1999 Female Vocalist of the Year by the Nashville Indie Tracker Magazine and is currently charting in the national airplay charts and making her mark as a fast rising music artist throughout the world. Web Site

Kathy D Baker

Kathy D. Baker is a Traditional Country Artist. One of Kathy's songs off an album, (When I Close My Eyes) 1999 - Harold Rogers & Kathy D. Baker Bandit / VGM Records, is featured on "Inside Nashville Jukebox". At the age of eleven Kathy's family moved from Texas to Kentucky, where she married her husband Darrell. They now live back in Texas where Kathy was born. Together they have four children, two girls and two boys. Their oldest son and daughter are out on their own. Their youngest son and daughter are still at home. She has been singing since she was a little girl. As a young girl she would climb a huge tree in her back yard and sing for hours. She would climb so close to the top that when the wind would blow it would sway her back and fourth as if keeping time with her when she sang. She would also dream of growing up and being a country singer and performing on stage. Kathy would sing songs that she had heard on The Grand Ole Opry, Hee Haw, and The Bill Anderson show. She loved all the Country Shows. Her favorite singer's are Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Brenda Lee, Pasty Cline, Kitty Wells, Dolly Parton, Tanya Tucker, And she really loved Minnie Pearl.

Marketing your Talents
Ask Barbara Jean

As you try to market your talent as a country entertainer on line, identify your target market.
A target market is made up of the people that you hope to appeal to. Most online country entertainers focus on only country music fans. I know it makes since to all Independent Country Entertainers to not to try to make fans out of non country music lovers. 1000's of Independent Country Entertainers are on line, so you must present yourself in a way a potential fan will notice you over your competition. Let your potential fans know you are genuinely interested in satisfying all of your fans' desires as you still remain true to yourself. Start thinking about how you'll convey this information to your potential fans. You are in a creative business, so start using some creative brain cells in marketing. You might, for example, ask a cross section of visitors to your web site questions like, "Would you like me to sing more ballads or upbeat songs?" Fans will normally give you great ideas. Remember your fans are your most valuable asset.             Regards Barbara Jean -E-mail:


Harold Rogers

Harold is a country music artist and songwriter. Harold is open for bookings and promotion for 2000. Check out his web site. Harold's songs are featured on "Inside Nashville Jukebox". Harold Rogers was born in Dallas, TX. A self taught guitarist at the age of eight, Harold grew up with a love for country music. Growing up watching the Grand Ole Opry, The Ernest Tubb Show, and the Cowboy Weaver Show on Saturdays, Harold learned to watch where the fingers where placed on the guitar and then wait until his brother left home so he could "borrow" his guitar to practice since he did not own one himself. At age eight he made his first public appearance for his third grade class. At sixteen he started playing in clubs throughout Texas. Harold has shared the stage with many performers such as Johnny Gimble, Leon Rausch, Johnny Bush, Johnny Rodriques, Tony Douglas, Bill Mack, Frankie Miller, Justin Hall, Bill Thacker, and many others!

The Following 9 articles were originally published In the August 2000 issue of ICE USA News.
At that time Jerry Mac's wife, Barbara Jean, was the editor of ICE USA NEWS.

Important New domain
By: Jerry Mac

   Hello to everyone that is use to visiting The whole operation has moved to a new domain,, and everyone associated is real excited about it. Even though I don't agree, some others claim that the old address was confusing because of the fact that there is, also, a So to make a few other people happy, we decided to get a new domain. 
   We changed our name from Planet Earth Music Group to The Country Music Planet, and got another domain, Those of you who have been visiting our old domain make sure you visit our new domain with all it's updates. the old domain will stay there for a while, but it will include no new updates, because we are in the process of phasing it out as far as using it in the manner in which we have been using it. Eventually, we will, more than likely, be using the old domain primarily to store music files that we will be linking to from our new domain. The Country Music Planet is exactly what the name says. It is a virtual planet filled with country music.
   Country music lives on the planet. All e-mail being sent to anyone at the old domain should now be sent by simply changing the part of the e-mail that says to
   The Country Music Planet is a very informative and interesting web site for anyone connected with or interested in country music. It is the home of "Inside Nashville Jukebox", "Inside Nashville Country Music Radio Show", "The Cd Planet", "Sheet Music & More", "Inside Nashville Songwriters Association", "Young Guns Of Country Music", "Jerry Mac Enterprises", "Web Sites For The Singer", "Bontex Records" "Memphis Country Records" (Mcr), "Jms Advertising", plus many more country music related sites.
   It is the gateway to many country music newsletters including this one. It is, also, the home of many country entertainers. All of these informative and interesting sites can be accessed by going to The Country Music Planet . We extend a special invitation to all Independent Country Entertainers & all country music fans to come visit the planet and to e-mail us if we can answer any questions or be of any service whatsoever.

Henrich & 
The Country Gamblers

The Country Gamblers from Michigan City, IN will be releasing a new CD in September entitled, "On The Right Track". They were recently nominated for the 2000 Online Country Music Awards. The categories are: Country Album of the Year for their "On The Right Track" album, New Male Artist of the year-Jimmy Henrich lead Vocals, and Rising Star. This awards show is completely fan based. Voting begins August 1, 2000. Go to  to Cast your vote. The group will be performing in Merrilville, Indiana in the Peavey" About The Music Tour" on July 30th at 1pm in the Rubino's Music center parking lot. Admission is one can of canned food for the needy.

For further information visit their web site , phone 65 South Entertainment 219-874-5924, or send email .


Phil Hodge

Phil Hodge releases his debut CD, New Beginning, and reaches #1 New Country spot with his song, "I Will" on Phil is the #1 New Country Artist from Maryland on Phil recorded his CD last year in Nashville at the Nightingale Studio. This was Phil's first experience in the studio and his first visit to Nashville. With such a great internet audience reception, Phil has plans to return to Nashville to record a full length CD in the near future. web site  email 

Victor Sanz
By Alli Richards

Vic is from Bakersfield, CA and is very talented. Check him out at He is featured in the August 8 issue of Country Weekly (with the Dixie Chicks on the cover) in the new artist section. a little side note.... I'm sure if you are familiar with Victor, chances are, you are familiar with more Bakersfield music including the of the Smokin' Armadillos, so you may know me from their web site. I am VERY excited about the opportunity to be doing Victor's web site along with one of my best friends, Alanna Horner, and in the coming months we hope we have a lot to report on this talented young artist! I had the chance to meet Victor back in March while I was working at the Country Radio Seminar and I must say, he is a very nice young man and I hope he goes far.

Victor recently returned from Dallas, TX where he shot his video for his upcoming single, "Destination Unknown," which you can look for to be on CMT and GAC sometime hopefully by late July!

Myra Pearce

Here is a good looking woman that can really sing. Myra's "Lets Put Love Back to Work". is the featured background song for this page. from the album "Somebody Loves you", on Almar Records.
Myra brims over with life and so does her music.  Not incidental to the fact is that she lives in the wild, open spaces of Montana.  Where Myra has put down roots that go to the very core of her soul.

On a ranch that sprawls across the primordial landscape, she raises her family, rides her horses, embraces nature and the vagaries of each day — and writes and sings her music.

Her music reflects all that is Myra.  Rich, vibrant and full — her talent, her voice and her passion resonate in her personality, as well as her music.

Born and raised in Eastern Washington, Myra came to Montana via Nashville.  As it does to so many young musicians, Nashville tugged at Myra as a youngster who never envisioned herself as being anything other than a singer.  At the age of eight she was performing before the mirror using her hair brush as a microphone, pretending to be Patsy Cline in concert. 
Read Myra's full bio. and download more of her mp3 music files from here new CD at  Contact Myra Direct by email

 Lee Sims & 
The Platt River Band

Lee Sims has been a studio singer for years singing commercial jingles and demo’s for many a song writer. This experience eventually took him to Tennessee & the Nashville network, where he was a finalist on you can be a star. Lee’s credits also include performing with such country stars as Waylon Jennings, Kenny O”Dell, Tommy Overstreet, Tanya Tucker, Buck Owens, George Strait and the list goes on and on. Lee has recorded numerous songs through out his years in the music business, but he feels this latest collection of songs is the best yet and he hopes you agree.

Bert Sims began playing drums at twelve years old, by the time he was fourteen he was in his first band and began playing some of the local night clubs in the Denver area. Eventually he became interested in the bass guitar and by the time he was sixteen he had made the switch to bass and was fronting his own band. The day finally came he and Lee had the opportunity to combine their talents and form the Platte River Band.

Ron Cook has been with the Platte River Band for a number of years. Actually since it's inception in 1973. Prior to that, he worked with Lee as a drummer, starting in about 1965. During this course of time he has taken time out to play many different styles of music, from Rock to Show to Country. Also, he has played a number of various instruments during that period.

To learn more about this country band go to their Web Site.

Donny Sawyer

Donny was born in Sharon CT, and raised in the small town of Canaan CT. Ending Donny's high school years he chose his music over law school. After years of playing every venue possible as a local band, also being the opener for many well known acts namely Keith Whitley, Bobby Bare, Faron Young, Eddy Raven and others. Donny settled in Nashville to set higher goals. Within a week he landed an exclusive Publishing/Artist development deal. Only a year later to be selected as one of the "headliners" at the well known Hunter Mountain Music Festival in Catskill NY, there he shared the stage with Clay Walker and Jo-El Sonnier. Donny has been around a few blocks musically. Now offering his talent independently, he is still breaking ground to try and reach his goals as an artist. Donny has been described by many as "A True Country Artist With A True Country Voice".  Donny's Web Site

Inside Nashville 
CD & Cassette Store

Independent Country Entertainer put your music for sale at "Inside Nashville CD & Cassette Store" for benefits that you will receive no where else on the Internet. If you are an Independent Country Entertainer, you need your music for sale at "Inside Nashville CD & Cassette Store". No one cares more about your success than we do. We are Independent Country Entertainers ourselves, so we know exactly "where you're coming from". Go here to find out more about this.

Everyone connected with The Country Music Planet is very proud of the fantastic job that Barbara Jean did when she was the editor of ICE USA NEWS.

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