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In this issue: Perley Curtis, Jeff Paz, Dwight Whitley, US Classic Country Music, Richard Murrey, Doug Smith, Debbie Elam, Franklin Haynes, Angela Baker, Carl Ray, Country Music Planet, Stardust Records, Nashville Jukebox, Independent Music Festival, Billy T Midnight, Z104.1FM, Online Country Awards.

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Editor: Barbara Jean
Nashville TN

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September 2000  ISSUE
Perley Curtis 

Perley's love for "traditional country music" began at an early age. Born and raised in the great state of Maine, Perley cut his teeth on Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, and Loretta Lynn. His love for country music fueled his desire to play and perform. He picked up his first guitar at the age of eight and played his first "gig" when he was nine.

Through the years Perley performed in various bluegrass bands throughout the
New England area, before his decision to move to Nashville in 1988. Perley quickly
gained recognition as a musician and performer. As a skilled dobro and steel
guitarist, Perley soon found his skills in great demand by artists such as, Holly
Dunn, Becky Hobbs, Johnny Paycheck, Connie Smith, The Reno Brothers, Del
Reeves.......and is currently on tour with Loretta Lynn. He knows he has
performed with the best that country music has to offer.

Perley's latest CD, "Heartbreak Town" is only one of four releases to date. The
ten song CD is a treasure trove of traditional country music.

Watch for his latest release on the Western Heart Promotions Compilation (Shipped Sept. 2nd.) "Half Of This & Half Of That" Need A Copy ??  Email Gary Bradshaw Western Heart Promotions

Dwight Whitley

Festival Of Festivals: Twin Knobs Beach On Cave Run Lake; Saturday- September 2, 2000; Morehead, Kentucky; $10.00 Bucks A Car Load; Starting Time: 10:00 AM. Til 10:00 PM; Artist That Will Be Performing: { Dwight Whitley & The Great Waldo Weathers (Country Sax) Will Team Up Again, A Long With Ricky Lee Phelps (With The Kentucky Headhunters), Larry Whitt, Night Train, Bekki Adams, Erin Conley, Chris Bernzott.

Hello friends. My name Is Dwight Whitley. I want to Invite you to my  New Home page. I would love to hear any suggestions on what you would like to see on my new site. If you like please add your site (No X Rated At All). This Is a Family site, and I will keep It that way. You can hear sound clips from my New Album "Nothin' But A Woman" and you can also vote for the album you like best "Nothin' But A Woman" or "Brotherly Love". Dwight & Keith Whitley Fan Clubs are up and running, you can join at the site. If you have a little time on your hands, Please sign my Guest Book, and I will try to get back with you as soon as I can. I Want to thank God for Friends like your self and Radio Stations for playing my New Album, with out God, Friends & Radio, there would not be any Artist. I also want to thank my Dear friends Jim & Faye Dunlap, Randy Timm, my Manager, My New Record Label Thunder Bay Records, and my friend and webmaster Don Buck, for all the time and hard work he has done on the site. Thank you Don.

RADIO STATIONS; Please Feel Free To Add Your Station To My New Site. Thanks to all the Stations for there support. If you like my site, Please Vote :) 
Dwight Whitley

Dwight Whitley's  Home Page Personal Assistant: Jim Dunlap, Office: (606)-325-3238, Fax: (606)-325-3238, To Book Dwight Whitley In The Usa Or Overseas, Please Call: Mr. Randal Timm at AKA Management Inc.; Office: 1-800-688-3732, Cell Phone: 1-954-401-7480, Pager: 1-888-946-8053 or  e-mail

Doug Smith

The following is an extract from Doug Smith's web page:    Have you ever heard the song birds sing in the skies, above the vast plains of Texas? Or the sounds of the cotton fields when farmers gather the crops that took so much of their time, money and strengths to raise? Or a sad country melody flying through the air waves from folk to folk, from generation to generation?

Have you ever smelled the coming of the spring? Or the fragrance of withering grass in the fall?

Have you ever seen your kids playing in the backyard on a hot summer evening? Or a trembling doe running away from a lonely truck that travels on the wide never-ending roads of West Texas? Or have you seen the red skies colored by the setting sun that disappears somewhere in the mountains to the west? Or a milky moon over Quitaque on a dark calm night? Or a tumbleweed blown from nowhere to nowhere across the fields?

Have you ever felt the happiness and hope that a fresh, cool canyon morning settles in your soul? Or have you had your faith restored by looking at the Lord's magnificence around you? If you ever lived in West Texas, you have heard it, smelled it, seen it, felt it...

That's what Doug Smith's music consists of... Sounds, fragrances, un-depictable sceneries, feelings, emotions... of sadness and hope, of faith and joy, of love and happiness, of all there is in West Texas and in a human soul. The man used his talent and several dozen black and white piano keys to express everything that he has seen, felt and experienced over his life. And now, it is for you to travel with Doug Smith's music to the amazing lands of imagination and everlasting memories.

From child prodigy to West Texas’ premiere pianist, Doug Smith’s piano playing abilities are paralleled only by his innate gift as a composer. He is truly an original stylist ranging from breathtaking warmth and sensitivity to overwhelming power and manual dexterity. His compositions range from beautiful, lyrical melodies to the fastest up-tempo rags with a combination of jazz, classical, contemporary and Latin swing. A truly inspired instrumentalist, composer and an extraordinary pianist!

There is much more at his web site. Do yourself a favor and visit there.  E-mail

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 Angela Baker

Angela Baker has been nominated for the 2000 Online Country Awards Show to be held on October 20th, 2000 at Don Laughlin's Resort Hotel & Casino in Nevada. The awards show is sponsored by the Nashville Indie Tracker Magazine. You may cast your votes for her at this 

online address

Angela is nominated for several categories and they are as follows:  Female Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year, Female Rising Star of the Year, Country Christian Artist of the Year, Artist of the Year, Up and Coming Country Artist of the Year, Traditional Country Artist of the Year, Future Star of the Year, Entertainer of the Year, and Artist Website of the Year. Voting began on August 1st, 2000 and will continue until August 31st, 2000. Winners will be determined by the number of "FAN" votes received.

Angela is the current "1999 Female Vocalist of the Year for the Nashville
Indie Tracker Magazine," and it is due to the help and support you have given to her in the past. Your kindness is much appreciated and your help is needed again to help her succeed in this event.
Thank you so very much. Nancy Winton, President Angela Baker Fan Club  website  email

The Country Music Planet 

It's the 21st century, and "The Country Music Planet" is very much into new ways to promote. You might say that they have become high tech rednecks. All new clients (singers or songwriters) that they decide to work with from now on will first be promoted by them on the Internet. That's the first step after deciding to promote anyone. They will take the promotion to other levels only after a certain amount of Internet promotion. They have an extremely visible presence on the Internet, and anyone being promoted by them on the Internet will get exposure that they will not get anywhere else.  Website . They have different levels of promotion. The first level of promotion is free.

1. Free promotion : Send them your press releases and they will place them either in "Independent Country Entertainers News - American Artist" Or "Jerry Mac's Newsletter", two of the most widely read publications on Planet Earth that are designed to promote the Independent Country Entertainer. At the web site where these publications are viewed you will be able to access other free services that could be valuable to you as an Independent Country Entertainer. To find out more about the newsletters go to The Country Music Planet located at  & click on newsletters.

2. Cost effective promotion .   If you already have a web site, that is great. We just hope that it is as effective as the ones they create, design & maintain. They can promote you and your music in conjunction with your presence anywhere else on the Internet by linking to wherever you desire.

It doesn't matter how small or how large a presence you have on the Internet, you will get great cost effective extra promotion when you are a citizen of "The Country Music Planet".

Associating Yourself With “the Country Music Planet”

 “The Country Music Planet” is a very effective place to be for anyone who is trying to get a message out to country music fans, country music singers, country music songwriters, or country music executives. They all visit this web site for many good reasons. All the reasons being that they have many areas of interest to this particular market. They were the first people, ever, to have a 30 minute country music radio show on the Internet, and they still have it going with very interesting guest on every show. The radio show is in streaming real audio, so visitors to the site don’t have any download time. It is streamed from their space, where all the audio files are stored.

Who visits The Country Music Planet? Many of their visitors are radio's top station owners and managers, program directors, consultants, and air personalities. Their visitors include major label presidents, producers, songwriters, recording artists, and others in the front lines of music marketing. They also have a growing list of visitors that are music journalists and newspaper writers. “The Country Music Planet" is posted on many websites around the world. These sites link directly to “The Country Music Planet”, so your site will be accessible through these websites.  

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Inside Nashville Jukebox

Country Music Planet are really pushing the juke box (Promoting the devil out of it). The direct link to the jukebox is here . They are in the process of listing this site with all the search engines using keywords that will surly get them a lot more visitors than they are getting now, even though they are already getting a lot. Since they have well know country singers on the jukebox, they can use their names with the search engines. For example: if someone is looking for "George Jones" through a search engine, the jukebox will be listed. When the visitor goes to the jukebox to listen to George, there is a possibility and, in some cases a probability, that they will listen to one of your songs. 
There is a very prominent message at the top of the working part of the jukebox that reads, "All the songs on this jukebox are from CDs and/or cassettes that are available for sale. To order a CD or cassette that contains the song of your choice, click on the title of the song. There you will be given additional information on the CDs and/or cassettes." On the title of each of your songs they will place a link to the spot of your choice where your product can be purchased. When a visitor to their home site goes to Country Music Planet , the first thing they will see is an invitation to the jukebox. 
There are, also, very prominent, similar invitations on some of their  most visited sites . This is the site they will be directing readers to each month, (More than 2000 newsletter subscribers). At the very top of one of their other highly promoted sites, "Inside Nashville Cd And Cassette Store",  there is a message that reads, "We invite you to visit Inside Nashville Jukebox where you will hear some of the entertainers listed here. Just click on the play buttons beside the songs of your choice to listen to complete songs being streamed to you in real audio. Our online jukebox is guaranteed to please you as much as a real live jukebox. Listen to the music of country music legends as well as Independent Country Entertainers. This is one place where everyone gets equal billing regardless of their fame or lack of it." This will get even more visitors to the jukebox. 
There are a lot more places from where they can get to the jukebox, including but not limited to their very own more than 70 very visible sites on the web. Well, I guess you can tell by all this that they are really pushing the jukebox. It is to everyone's advantages to get as many folks as everyone can listening to the jukebox. Independent Country Entertainers feel free to post a link from your sites directly to the jukebox. The more sites they get to do this the more it will help each and every Independent Country Entertainer that is on the jukebox. The Country Music Business is a numbers game. The more people that hear the music the better chance of success a talented individual has. Any Independent Country Entertainers that are interested in having their music placed on Inside Nashville Jukeboxemail us

They have many other ways that they can promote you using their services. If you need to know other ways,  contact them here    They, also, offer total development services for the promising country singers which includes but is not limited to recording, getting you ready for music row, booking, publishing. They have the greatest studios and musicians in the world at their disposal in four very well know music markets (Nashville, TN, Memphis, TN, Tupelo, MS & Dallas, TX.     If you have talent they can help you in any phase of the country music industry. E-mail them with detailed information on what you think they can do for you. If you are talented, they can and will help you considering your attitude is a good one.  

Jeff Paz 
By: Barbara Jean

During the years that Jerry Mac and I were doing shows on Music Row in Nashville, I had the privilege of meeting many talented and nice young men and women. It seems like they came from all corners of the Earth to pursue their dreams in country music. 

A few years ago we met a young man from Fort Smith, AR (Jeff Paz). At first, neither Jerry Mac nor myself knew if he was just going to be a flash in the pan as so many are, or if he was going to stick and stay and make it pay. It didn't take either of us long to figure out that Jeff Paz was in the country music business to stay. 

We, also, had the pleasure of meeting Jeff's dad who's attitude was only surpassed by his sons. Jeff came to Music City with definite goals that were soon evident to us. We saw him all over town doing shows. One year he even got a tent and set it up in front of a business on music row.

Music Row was bustling with tourist then, and Jeff represented Nashville and country music very well as he entertained country music fans from all parts of the globe. Yes, Jeff Paz has paid his dues and it appears that things are going real well for him. I stumbled across his web site a few days ago, and thought to myself, "I should include an article on this very nice and talented young country singer in the next issue of ICE American Artist". I suggest that all you readers visit Jeff's web site  and e-mail Jeff to give him your support. Tell him Barbara Jean and Jerry Mac sent you.

At Jeff's web site you can view his new CD and even order it straight from his web site. I haven't heard this CD, but I have heard Jeff sing; and I can assure you that this is one real fine Independent Country Entertainer.

US Classic Country Music

US Classic Country Music is a dynamic duet, who invite you to sing along with "US". Almost every song is one you'll know. We perform your favorite classic country hits and some surprises, too! Such as great old rock and roll, and newer pop, rock and country. Mix in a few trivia questions and prizes to have a great time with US.

George and Jeanette sing their hearts out accompanied by a keyboard / computer / synthesizer with a Kickin' full "Live Band" sound. Restaurants, Casino and Hotel lounges, Cruises, outdoor events and shopping malls are our specialties.

Starting in January, 2001 !!! US will be performing Elvis And Shania Twain mini concerts in full regalia and dynamics! Let us stir your memories with music and song. Just us... with a lot of help from you, our friends. Thank You !!! For being a special "US" member !!!

As always, your comments and best wishes are greatly appreciated. Please, leave them on the "comments" page.

Best of everything to everyone! George & Jeanette

Web Site You can e-mail them through a link at their web site.

Country Music Planet

Country Music History


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The Richard Murrey Project

I consider myself to be a well-versed songwriter and guitarist. I've just released a 6 volume collection of original toetappin', bellyrubbin', footstompin', drankin', cheatin', lovin', thinkin', laughin' and cryin' songs, recorded and mastered in Nashville, Tennessee. over the past 6 years I have been writing and recording my 30 plus years of musical history as well as 50 years of life experiences. each collection has 15 to 16 songs and cover the gamut of human emotion and life experiences from the serious to the inane. My styles range from traditional country to country rock and blues. Artists looking for material and publishers are invited to visit  my website and check out the tunes. I have mp3 files and lyrics as well as my professional graphics and illustration pages.

Congratulations to Debbie Elam

By: Barbara Jean

Wow!! I just went to & typed in "country music" & to my surprise Independent Country Entertainer, Debbie Elam was number 10 out of 231,913 pages found. Maybe this doesn't impress the rest of you Independent Country Entertainers, but it should. You got to really be doing something right to get ranked that high in any major search engine under the topic "country music". 
I have to admit that she's definitely doing things right. If you visit her web site and see how organized it is, you will realize that this entertainer has it together. The rest of you Independent Country Entertainers ought to be in a hurry to e-mail her to find out as much as you can from her. She's extremely nice, so I am sure she would be glad to share some of her knowledge with you. Things like this are telling me that it won't be long before she's picking up some important awards as a country music singer. 

She has already been nominated for several Online Country Awards (OCA).  The OCA Awards Show will be October 20, 2000 in Laughlin, Nevada.  The winners are based strictly on fan vote.  Please visit her web site & click on the appropriate logo to vote for Debbie in all the categories she is nominated.  She will appreciates your support & she deserves it.


Franklin Haynes

Franklin Haynes' web site was picked as The Country Music Planet Web Site Of The Month August, 2000. It's easy to see how this web site could be an award winner. His song, "Before The Ink Is Dry" hit Number 1 on the Airplay International charts. Franklin Hayes Website  E-MAIL

Carl Ray

The following is an extract from the web site of Independent Country Entertainer Carl Ray. It's a message from him that I believe is worth reprinting in ICE American News. Make sure you visit his web site for more informative and interesting information concerning Carl and his career as a country singer.

"Last year was a most remarkable year for me.  I played concerts from Nashville to California, participated in my second Fan Fair, and was invited by John Knowles to take part in the dedication of the new Country Music Hall of Fame.  This was definitely one of the high points of my career, so far. It was a real thrill and blessing to be included in a ceremony with Eddie Arnold, Jimmy Dickens, Brenda Lee, Kitty Wells and more... the experience was surreal and awe inspiring.   I marched in the parade, led by the legendary Chet Atkins, with approximately one hundred artists—all of us playing guitars.

I was able to meet a lot of the folks from Nashville.  When you are a new artist, like myself, you don't consider yourself to be a part of that community yet, but you are.  It is inspiring, albeit humbling, to stand in a group that includes Vince Gill, Marty Stuart, DeFord Baily [the first African-American to play the Grand Ole Opry], Brian White, and have them embrace you as a peer.

As I talked to the different artists, I heard the stories of their struggles again and again. I found comfort in the fact that their story was my story. Their advice on how to succeed, hard work, and an unwillingness to quit, is a formula I'm already familiar with.   One of the biggest thrills for me at this stage of my career is to be included IN the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Even though I haven't been inducted (yet) they do have my photo, information about me, and my debut CD on display.  If you are ever in Nashville, I hope you will visit the museum and ask to hear my music.

Another event that will remain among my fondest memories, was taking part in church services at a chapel on Fort Sill, Oklahoma with my dear friend Shelly Streeter.   I was very touched by the soldiers and moved by their response to our music.   I really enjoyed singing for the soldiers and I was so grateful for the opportunity to be able to thank them for what they do.  I felt a sense of intense pride to stand among these young men and women in uniform.  They were eager to express their gratitude to us for sharing our time with them. But, there are no words to express the gratitude I feel towards someone who chooses to serve their country and is willing to lay down their life, if called upon to do so, so the rest of us can be free.

I hope you all know how very much your support means to me.  YOU are the ones that make it all happen. Without the support of wonderful fans, family, and friends, none of this would be possible.  I thank God for each and every one of you. Gail and I sincerely pray that you all realize your dreams in the year 2000." Carl Ray, Web Site E-Mail

Stardust Records International 

Col. Buster Doss at Record Label  Stardust Records Int'l  announces the release of their compilation album #26 "The Country Express" . Artists include:-
ROOSTER QUANTRELL is back with "Life's Little Up's and Down's".
PAP & THE SIDEMEN play a great instrumental written by Buddy Emmons.
KIM ANTHONY sings a song written and produced by The Colonel.
FRANK MABRY says, "Looks Like Your Memory's Here To Stay".
MARK HUHTA sings a song he wrote and The Colonel produced.
MICHAEL APIDGIAN sings, "Danny's Song".
DICK SHUEY - This is a country treasure!!  With friends Ernest Tubb, Justin Tubb, Ted Barton, Barbie Green, Charlie Louvin, Little David Wilkins, Wyatt Webb, Ernie Ashworth, Little Roy Wiggins and Marty Martel.
CLINT MILLER - Most country singers from Hank Williams to Garth Brooks learned to sing in a country church and Clint calls on the great Del McCoury Bluegrass Band, The Whites and the world famous Jordanaires to help him sing and play two ole gospel favorites - GREAT!!
ERIN HAY - Watch her climb the charts with a song produced by Lonnie Ratliff.
J. L. Caldwell is "Between A Rock And A Heartache".
CHANCE MARTIN - Another fine Universal Artist is here courtesy of Miller Music.
TRACEY K. HOUSTON is "The Girl In Oklahoma".
BRANT MILLER sings about a "Big Black Hole".
JERRI ARNOLD sings, "Married Bachelor", a song written and produced by The Colonel.
B. J. YOUNG is back, "Most Every Night".
DANNY WEAR - A great new writer-singer from Arkansas makes his STARDUST debut.
DAVE YOUNG says it is "Fifty Miles To Macon".
ELLIOTT PACETTI is trying to "Wake Up Sleeping Beauty".
TREATED & RELEASED A.K.A. MARK MONTANARI is gonna "Get Into Country".
DODIE FROST is back with another song written by Shirley Parks Hickcox.
THE WHITES close out with a song The Colonel wrote about his Grandma.

Product & Sales Contact:  Col. Buster Doss At

Independent Music Festival.
The Big Break

Aspen Leaf Promotions, Inc. presents "The Big Break" TM Independent Music Festival. Unique and original in it’s design and concept, the festival is being staged in beautiful Grand Junction, Colorado, November 13, 14 & 15, 2000 at the historic Avalon Theatre.

Our Creed: "Linking Today’s Music Industry With Tomorrow’s Stars".

Aspen Leaf Promotions, Inc. is inviting major and independent record labels, agents, tour managers plus additional industry personnel to join us at the festival. Here, they will have an opportunity to see and listen to the top 150 musicians/bands who have been chosen to participate in "The Big Break" TM Independent Music Festival. The three-day event is geared toward connecting undiscovered musical talent and those searching for their ‘big break’ to perform in front of key industry personnel. In addition to this opportunity, there will be cash prizes awarded to the top three winners.

We are seeking any artist(s) and/or bands interested in submitting a demo. Please refer to our website and click onto ‘The Big Break’ for additional information and instructions. Our deadline for demo submissions is September 15, 2000.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us or call us at 888-596-6783. Aspen Leaf Promotions, Inc. is wishing you and your band all the success possible. Good Luck!, Sincerely,Debbie Mabon, Vice President/COO

Billy T Midnight

New Release a new 5-song CD including Whoever Made Those Rules,  plus 4 new killer tracks!!!
To Listen To A Sample Click Here Now!!

The CD was shipped to 800 radio stations worldwide, and is receiving a tremendous amount of airplay in the United States as well as Belgium, Denmark, France, Sweden and The Netherlands!!!   Listen to Billy in Middle Tennessee and on the web at:
Hear Whoever Made Those Rules. The song was written by Tim Buppert, who recently had a hit with Yankee Grey's Another Nine MinutesZ104.1FM  email requests

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