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Perfectly Honest

The Country Music Planet
Billy Nathan

Proud to be an American
Proud to be a Veteran
U. S, Navy

Country music singer & country music songwriter, Billy Nathan

Dedicated to

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Billy Nathan
On My Own Again


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1.   Perfectly Honest
2.   On My Own Again
3.   The Sooner, The Better
4.   What Goes Around
5.   The Loneliest Hour

6.   I'm On Your String
7.   The Midnight Flyer
8.   An Angel Like You
9.   You Can't Tame This Tiger

10. Each Day's Like Christmas

"On My Own Again"

"Each Day's like Christmas"

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Recorded at: ABM STUDIOS
Distributed by: BonTex Records
Produced by: Dick McVey
Engineered by McVey/Kittle

Billy Nathan & Friends


1.   The Grand Tour - Billy Nathan - Listen 6.   Tribute To Hank Williams, Sr. - Jerry Mac - Listen
2.   Like It Use To Be - Billy Nathan - Listen 7.   Pretty Paper - Joe Kidd / Billy Large / Jerry Mac - Listen
3.   Walking Through Tomorrow - Jimmy Davis - Listen 8.   Georgia - Joe Kidd / Billy Large / Jerry Mac - Listen
4.   Tribute To Minnie Pearl - Sonny Martin - Listen 9.   Heartbreakin' Heartbroken Woman - Dillon Finn - Listen
5.   Honky Tonk Angels - Gwendella & Jerry Mac - Listen 10. Rockin' My Life Away - Sonny Martin - Listen

Billy Nathan
Favorite Songs Volume II
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1.   Together Again - Listen 6.   Don't Let Me Cross Over
2.   Make The World Go Away 7.   Hello Darling - Listen
3.   Pass The Point Of Rescue 8.   My Woman, My Woman, My Wife
4.   Today I Started Loving You Again 9.   My Favorite Memory
5.   Slow Hand 10. It Turns Me Inside Out

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