Independent record label, BonTex Records plus country music!
Independent record label, BonTex, presents some of the independent country music record label singers on their traditional country music record label!


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Jerry Mac CDs

Jerry Mac CDs

Dedicated to keeping country music alive


Recording Artist

Gwendella / Katherine Kay / Jerry Mac
Billy Nathan
/ Roni Stoneman

   You probably noticed that we do not have very many artist signed to our label The reason for this is that we are very selective concerning who we place on this label that is dedicated to keeping country music alive. If you are a country singer, and would like to be signed to a label that has nothing but country artist on the label, email us. Keep in mind that you must be an excellent singer in order to be signed on this label. We are looking for country, bluegrass, or gospel singers only. We insist on keeping our roster of artist small, so we can concentrate more time on each one of them, but we do have room for a few more.

   We have other labels which we use for artist that are of a different genre than country. Email us if you are interested in finding a label for your music.

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