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Country music compilation CDs are presented here by The Country Music Planet and BTI Records to assist independent country music singers in promotion!


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BTI Records
Breaking The Ice
Volume II

Jerry Mac

1.   Tribute To Hank Williams, Sr. (Listen) - Contact:
2.    You Win Again (Listen)
- Contact:

Randal Morton

3.   Shuckin' The Corn - Contact:
4.   Dear Ole' Dixie -

Cory Angsten

5.   Daddy's Little Girl (Listen) - Contact:
6.   My Southern Woman (Listen)
- Contact:

Special Bonus

Order this CD & Get 2 bonus tracks on this CD
& a copy of Jerry Mac's "Country To The Bone " (10 song CD)
A total of 18 songs


Price Includes Shipping & Handling




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