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Charlene Helen Berry
Listen to Charlene as you read about her by clicking on the song titles.
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   Ms. Berry provides an exciting, program of solo hammer Charlene Berrydulcimer music, traditional, classical folk, original compositions, contemporary and inspirational arrangements and improvisations. Concerts, lecture/demonstration concerts, workshops, fairs, festivals, banquets, socials, weddings, special events, dedicational compositions.
   Listed in over a dozen Who's Who publications, with numerous awards, her work includes many solo recordings, volumes of original compositions, an educational video explaining hammering technique. Her ensemble work includes various groups and recordings.

Phone: (800) 550-0707

"Thank You Jesus Radio Show" Presents Charlene Berry

"Inside Nashville Country Music Radio Show" Presents Charlene Berry

   Charlene is a member of the group In God's Image. Go to their site at The Planet to check out their radio show, and more. (Click here)

Charlene's music is, also, featured on Gospel Music Jukebox

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