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Music Highway Songwriters Association (MHSA) is a prestigious association of country music songwriters dedicated to the artistic craft of songwriting!

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Music Highway Songwriters Association

   A few of our songwriters: Click on the writer's name to go straight to the MHSA site where you can view the lyrics and listen to the song or songs by that writer that are posted on MHSA site. Colleen Laylon; Jerry Mac; Josh Throneburg; Anthony Sutton; Alex Canepari; Jumpin' Gene Simmons; Billy Don Burns; Billy Nathan; Lanny Parkhurst; Chas Ryder; Cindy Lane Adams; Peter Prince; Al Traynor; Karen Johnson

     A message to singers that are not signed to major labels: All of our writers are not singers, but most of them are. Some have been very successful at both singing and writing, and others will be if we have our way. Just because you are not a big star does not mean that you can't record the good songs that these good writers have written; but, of course, each of them want their songs sang by good singers. If you are a good singer, looking for good songs, we encourage you to listen to the songs that are here for you as well as the big stars. If you hear a song that you would like to record, E-mail us.

     A message to major label artist, managers, producers and publishers: If you are reading this, you must be looking for songs. We know that some of the songs listed here will eventually be recorded by big artists. All the great songs do not come from the well established writers, even though a lot of them do; but each one of those well established writers had their first cut at one time or another. Think of all the great songs the world would have had to do without if Johnny Cash had not cut Kris Kristopherson's, "Sunday Morning Coming Down"; or if Harlan Howard never got "Pick Me Up On Your Way Down" recorded; or if Jeannie C. Riley had not recorded Tom T. Hall's, "Harper Valley PTA." You never know when or where the next "Hank" is going to show up. All we ask of you is that you take a few minutes and listen. We realize that, if even one of our songs is really bad, that you may not ever listen to another; so we go to great pains to make sure all of the songs on this web site are good. We screen them real close before they are posted here.

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