Jake Mann, Country Music Singer & Country Music Songwriter
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Jake Mann
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Time To Move On

Hear Say

   Jake Mann started playing music at the age of eleven or twelve when his mom bought him a guitar for Christmas. Jake says, "I'll never forget it. It was a Stella flat top. Up the street was a lake. Older folks were always hanging out. Some would pitch horse shoes, but three guys in particular would play music. Two had flat tops, and one had a banjo, and that caught my ear."
   Jake is the youngest of eleven children, and all that was played in their house was country music. His father would play on an old pump organ. Later on they got a piano.
   Jake use to go to his cousin's house after school. They were, also, into music, but they had more of an ear for gospel and hymns.
   Jake says, "The first song I learned to play was, HEAVENS JUST A SIN AWAY by The Kendalls, but I preferred the songs played by the guys by the lake like the songs by John Conlee, Merle Haggard, and bluegrass like FOGGY MOUNTAIN BREAKDOW. And wouldn't you know it, It wasn't long before I was playing along. I started writing songs sometimes ago, now. My songs come from my personal experiences in life and watching others. All my songs are written by me personally with that home done touch and feeling. All my songs have different meanings, but all are very close to my heart."
   "TIME TO MOVE ON is about my two beautiful children that I am very fortunate to have. This song comes from the unfortunate situation that happened between their mother and me. It didn't work out. It was just TIME TO MOVE ON."
   "HEAR SAY is a song about what I use to hear being said around town, like who was with who and who was cheating on who. There was always a story going around about HEAR SAY."
   "FATE is about relationships and the bond between two people when they are truly in love, when two people know it is just right, and they know they will never be apart. Thinking about this, I could only come up with one word, FATE."
   "COUNTRY WIFE is about that wonderful country wife, the one who makes the great dinners and always knows just what to say. She picks you up when you are down, and when you look at them, all you see is sunlight, and , in their eyes, you can do no wrong. I sure do have me one of those.

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Jake Mann

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