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A New Tribute Site Launched In Memory of Redd Stewart, Country Musician / Songwriter / Performer!

NORFOLK, VA., January 31, 2004 "The Tennessee Waltz composer may no longer be with us, but he will never be forgotten", Redd Stewart.jpg (98632 bytes)states his son Billy. "We have been hard at work building a new website in honor of my father. This site will allow people from all over the world to get an in depth view of his music and life. There are a lot of people in country music that have made it what it is today, but never got the recognition they deserve. My father was one of them. We hope this site will show the many great contributions that he has made to country music. We will be bringing back all of his recordings on CD's, complete with lyrics of each song, his history, and some great photos of him! Also, we will be continuing the work of his company, Ambridge Music, which will be dedicated to helping other independent artists launch their music careers."

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May 27, 1923 - Born Henry Ellis Stewart in Ashland City, Tennessee; The son of musical parents and raised in Louisville, Ky., Redd's family moved to Louisville, Kentucky, while he was still young. He learned to play the banjo, piano, fiddle and guitar as a child, then dropped out of junior high to perform in local bands. He legally changed his first name to Redd because of his red hair, freckles and fair complexion. In 1935 Redd was contracted to write a song for a car dealer's commercial in Louisville, Kentucky at the age of 14. He then formed and played in various bands around Louisville, including the Prairie Riders. In 1937 Pee Wee King came to Louisville, Ky. to play on WHAS and signed Redd on as a musician with the Golden West Cowboys. At the time, Eddy Arnold was the band's vocalist. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Redd was drafted into the U.S. Army and sent to the South Pacific. While stationed there with the rank of sergeant, Redd wrote "A Soldier's Last Letter," which Ernest Tubb worked on and recorded in 1944, making it a No.1 hit staying at the top for four weeks out of a seven month stay on the Country charts and crossing over to the Pop chart Top 20. When Redd returned to Pee Wee's Golden West Cowboys at the end of WW II, he became the band's vocalist, Arnold having gone solo. Now Redd started to take songwriting seriously. His music career took off from there.

With such great hits as, Tennessee Waltz, You Belong To Me, Bonaparte's Retreat, Soldiers Last Letter, and Slow Poke, Redd Stewart became a country music legend. “We hope that you will visit his site and talk a walk down memory lane! Please sign our guest book and let us know you stopped by!” says Billy.

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Sharon Stewart
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Pat Simmons

Pat Simmons is a 35yr old singer-songwriter from Dover, Fl. He released first CD, "Till Time Is Through" in 1997. He is not only the founder of Simmons Road Enterprises, Inc. , he is also a singer/songwriter within his own right. Brought up singing in church choir and elementary school chorus, he began his writing career at age 11. Inspired by seeing re-runs of 'The Monkees' television show, he decided that music was the career path that he would follow. Considering that he is a cousin to country legend Mel Tillis and the lovely Pam Tillis, it could also be said that music is in his blood. In 1994, Pat moved to Nashville, where he embarked upon his pursuit of a career in country music. He worked at establishing the connections and contacts that he needed to still be able to pursue his dream after moving back to Florida the following year. During this time, he also began his recording career and the promotion of his material. This lead to the eventual release of his first CD Till Time Is Through in March 1997. During this period, he received a nomination for Most Promising Male Songwriter by the Tennessee Songwriters Association International in 1996 and another nomination for Songwriter of the Year in 1998. He has also been featured as a spotlight artist on many websites, among them Cowboys & Cowgirls and Radio ETC. Finally he was voted Best Country Act by Weekly Planet newspaper in Tampa for 1999. During the summer of 1996, Pat formed Simmons Road Enterprises, Inc. Not only used as a promotional tool for his own expense, the company also seeks out other talented songwriters to publish and promote and is now expanding to produce complete CDs for other performers. Pat has his songwriting and publishing affiliation (Simmons Road Music) with SESAC, the third largest performing rights organization. He is also a member of the Tennessee Songwriters Association International, Country Music Society of America, Just Plain Folks, and is involved with several other publishing companies and music organizations worldwide. Pat plans to continue all of his music endeavors in the future,starting with a new acoustic CD using just piano and guitar as background.

Visit Pat's Web Site At

George Jones

   George Jones is "The Rolls Royce of Country Singers". More than any of his peers, George set the standard to which all other male country singers still aspire.
   George was born in Saratoga, Texas on September 12, 1931. He grew up around music because his parents were both musicians. George's father bought him his first guitar when he was nine years old. At age 12 George was already earning money playing music. By the time George was 21 years old, he had served in the Marines. When he left the Marines in 1952, he painted houses for a living. In his spare time George sang and played music.
   In 1953, George signed with Starday Records. During the 1950's George scored numerous hits. In 1959 George had his first of many #1 hit recordings. In 1969 George married his female country music counterpart, Tammy Wynette. Their marriage added to George's already larger-than-life persona, but ended in divorce in 1975. As time passed, George's colorful life experiences seemed to highlight his tendency to have a dangerously good time. It was enough to leave the toughest public relations man cringing in horror. George's bouts with substance abuse, bankruptcy, "No-Shows" at concerts, and a highly publicized auto accident in 1999, are now dust on the heels of George's boots. Through it all, he always seems to rise back up again - better than ever.
   Today George remains at the top of the list of country music legends. George set the standard high when he recorded his 1980 #1 hit, "He Stopped Loving Her Today". Over the years, George received countless awards for his achievements in country music. In 1992 he was inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame. It was one engagement that even ole' "No Show Jones" didn't miss.

Tammy Wynette

   Tammy Wynette is the most celebrated woman in country music. Her humble upbringing makes that fact even more admirable. She grew up on the farm where she was born in Mississippi. Tammy was raised by her mother and grandparents after her father died when she was only eight months old. As she grew up, Tammy realized that she wanted to go into the music business, so she took music lessons to further that cause. Her focus on that goal prevailed.
   Her first #1-Hit recording was My Elusive Dreams, a duet with David Houston in 1967. That same year Tammy won her first of many Grammy Awards. Her other many awards include Female Vocalist Of The Year, CMA’s Female Of the Year, Best Country Performance Female, and the Living Legend award, to name a few.
   In 1970, Tammy married her male country music counterpart, George Jones. Together, they recorded some of the finest duets in country music history. By the time she was inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame in 1998, Tammy Wynette was arguably the most famous woman in country music history. Unfortunately, The First Lady Of Country Music died that same year at the young age of 55.

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