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Jerry Mac's News
January / February, 2004 Issue

November/December 2003 Issue

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NSAI Songwriter’s Symposium 2004 April 2nd & 3rd
Single-Song Agreement with Sony/ATV Music Publishing Nashville
Up for Grabs!

  NASHVILLE, TN-- The Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) will present Songwriter’s Symposium 2004 April 2 -3, 2004 at the historic Millennium Maxwell House in Nashville, TN.   Songwriter’s Symposium 2004 will feature song evaluation sessions with Music Row publishers, panel discussions, workshops led by industry professionals and special guest performances.   The “Single Song Showdown” songwriting competition has just been confirmed as an exciting new part of this year’s event.  Symposium Registrants are eligible to submit one song for review by a panel of music industry professionals, and the winning song will be published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing Nashville.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity! To submit your song for the “Single-Song Showdown”, you must first register for Songwriter’s Symposium 2004.  To be considered for entry in the competition, your song on tape or CD with lyric sheet must accompany your NSAI Songwriter’s Symposium Registration form or confirmation sheet.  Complete rules, regulations and instructions for submission can be found on the Songwriter’s Symposium 2004 Registration form available at or by calling NSAI at 1-800-321-6008.

  No matter where you are in your journey to become a professional working songwriter, NSAI’s Songwriter’s Symposium is a MUST.  You won’t want to miss your chance to network with songwriters from around the country and learn more about the craft of songwriting.  Songwriter’s Symposium is a unique opportunity to make special relationships to last a lifetime and further your goal of establishing your professional songwriting career.

"Your conference truly elevated the bar that I set for myself. I don't want to write good song, I want to write great song! You have provided the fuel for my passion and have rearranged my priorities."  -  Laura Bellini, NSAI Songwriter’s Symposium 2003 Attendee

  A featured event of NSAI’s Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival, the Symposium is designed to educate and empower songwriters who wish to advance their careers in the music industry.  Registration for Songwriter’s Symposium is first-come, first-served and is limited to only 300 attendees.  This event will sell out!  Songwriters interested in attending the event are encouraged to register early to guarantee their seat at the event.

  Cost: NSAI Member: $275 before Feb. 29, 2004 - $325 after; Non-Member: $350 before Feb. 29, 2004 - $400 after

Registration: Please visit  or call NSAI at 1-800-321-6008.

Lodging Information: The Millennium Maxwell House, located at 2025 MetroCenter Blvd. in Nashville, is the official hotel of Music Row 2004. The hotel is offering a special rate of $79.00 per night Single or Double occupancy for Symposium attendees. (code NSAI) — This special rate includes free transportation to and from the Nashville Airport, to and from downtown Nashville and Free Parking at the Millennium Maxwell House. For reservations, call the Millennium Maxwell House at (615) 259-4343 and mention NSAI to get our special attendee rate!

Press Release Submitted By:
Jenni Leeds, Media Relations, Tin Pan South
Office: 615-256-3354 ext. 16

Fax: 615-256-0034


      MHSA started out as Inside Nashville Songwriters Association an organization established in 1996 by a group of songwriters who observed a great need for an association dedicated to the developing and promoting of  songs and songwriters. In 2001 Inside Nashville Songwriters Association got together with their sister company, Inside Memphis Songwriters Association, and decided to combine the two associations. Hence MHSA (Music Highway Songwriters Association) was formed.
     We are innovators that have spent our lives creating works of art, so we decided to form an association that is a work of art. Yes, MHSA, actually will assist you in getting your songs to recording artist. As a matter of fact, our primary purpose is to get our members songs heard by as many singers, publishers and producers of music as we possibly can.
      Songwriters have been the real "starvin' artist" of the 20th century. This planet we live on is full of songwriters with smashed dreams that are living from pillar to post with hit songs still in their pockets. Great songs are being listened to by only themselves and their songwriting friends at times when they have enough dollars to get their guitars out of pawn. We want to see our members start making an income from the songs they have written as soon as possible. We know that their hearts are in it. Anyone who's heart isn't in it does not need to be a member of MHSA. Ask any wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend of a songwriter pursuing a career in music, and they will tell you how much each writer's songs mean to them. We know this to be true; because we are writers, also. It is our desire to turn some of the starvin' artist of the 20th century into award winning songwriters of the 21st century.
      In order to offset some of the cost of operating such an organization there is one time membership fee of $200.00 (A Lifetime Membership - No Annual Fees) You get a lot more than membership for your hard earned dollars, however.

Here is what you get that will help you the most.

      Two of your songs will be placed on MHSA's web site located at   for the whole world to view and to hear. A page will be created just for your songs. The lyrics and the music will be there for all to see and hear. We have made arrangements with many of the insiders in the music industry (singers, producers, publishers, record promoters, record labels, etc...) for them to view our site on a regular basis. Two songs are included in the cost of membership in MHSA. Additional songs can be posted on your site for $50.00 per additional song. For every six songs a member places on his or her site the member gets another posted FREE. We will be glad to let each writer handle their own negotiations, or if the writer prefers we will handle the negotiations. If we handle the negotiations for a particular song, a contract must be agreed upon by all parties. These contracts will be on a per song basis, and MHSA will only be paid if the song results in a cut. If you have a web site, We will link to it from your site at MHSA if you desire. All prices include us uploading and storing your music on our space.

All interested writers Click here.

Music Highway Songwriters Association

Beyond The Asphalt
An Unpaved Collection Of Original Country Music

   Hello to anyone and everyone who is reading this news. I am Jerry Mac, the editor of this news. Most of the news you will read here has been submitted to us and published in our news after we review and approve it, but sometimes I go searching for singers or songwriters on the Internet that are deserving of insertion in our news even though they have not submitted press releases to us. The following article concerns such an individual that everyone connected with Jerry Mac's News agrees is deserving of some extra free promotion, because of his extraordinary talent as a songwriter. I have personally listened to the music at his web site , and I am very impressed with his talent. I suggest to all readers that you visit his web site to find out this for yourself. don't just take my word for it.
Jerry Mac

Randal Walker
Oklahoma Country Music Songwriter

The following was taken from Randal's web site

If anyone had told me 10 years ago I would someday be known as a writer of country music, I would have openly laughed in their face.
A writer? Yes.
A writer of music? Perhaps.
A writer of COUNTRY music?
Yeah, right....

Well, low and behold, 10 years and over 30 songs later, I find myself a writer of country music. With an extensive background in both speech communications and theatre, it is no wonder that I find myself writing almost entirely from a "video" perspective, carefully crafting my lyrics to create "mental pictures" for my listeners. In short, a dabble became an obsession, and today I view country music as America's poetry at its finest; life's simple truths, as expressed through musical imagery.

It may also be of interest for you to know, I do not play any musical instruments nor do I have the ability to read music. In fact, I am affectionately referred to as "the handicapped songwriter" and remain somewhat of an oddity amongst my immediate peers. It is my "ear" for music which has inspired and driven me to attempt to capture the true essence of life as seen through the eyes of an Oklahoma songwriter.

More recently, I wrote and submitted a melody and original lyrics to a musical track provided by Byron Gallimore, Nashville's revered producer to such superstars as Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and Jo Dee Messina, to name only a few. The song was included as an entry in The TONOS Country Songwriting Challenge, along with an additional 120+ individual entrants who provided the same. I am very proud to say that my song, entitled "We've Got All Night" maintained a First Place status by voters for the last 5 weeks of the 6 week event! The song was included in the Top 3 Finals, but ultimately was not chosen as the overall winner. Nevertheless, it was an exhilirating and educational experience for me, as a songwriter, and the support of my friends, family, colleagues and even strangers was an all time high! I made a lot of new friends and acquaintances along the way and want to say a very special, THANK YOU to all who participated in the voting process! It meant the world to me.....and I assure you that a lot of people, including the industry songwriter veterans behind the contest (Carol Bayer Sager, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, and David Foster), not to mention the 120+ songwriters in the contest, certainly knew my name before it was all said and done!

I have designed this website as a means by which to share some of my musical works with YOU, the country music fan. I truly hope you enjoy your visit and that you will return often. It is an ever-changing country environment, far from the noise and congestion of everday city life. And so, without further ado, please follow me, if you will....

Country Music Planet presents Jerry Mac, editor

   Hello visitors. I'm Jerry Mac, the editor.
   I invite everyone to visit the web sites of all the country entertainers that are highlighted in Jerry Mac's News.

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   Entertainers, submit your press releases by e-mail. All submissions will be considered for inclusion, but the articles that appear here must be approved by the owners and publishers of "Jerry Mac's News".

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