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January / February, 2004 Issue

November/December 2003 Issue

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Herman Brock Jr
The Eurocasters

The following was taken straight from the web site of Herman Brock, Jr & The Eurocasters.

On September 18th 1970, Jimi Hendrix died. 7 minutes later Herman Brock Jr. was born and tried to crawl back in. Left-handed! Coincidence? Naturally! But coincidence is logic. Brock Sr. baptized his son in a voodoo mixture of Blues, Country, Cajun & Bluegrass, et voila, here you go! Ready for take off!!!

Brock Jr. played lead guitar in his daddy's band, the Fat Freddy's Freak Federation for years. (Herman Brock & the F.F.F.F. who shocked the Dutch and Belgian blues scene many a time with their "straight to the point" live-shows.)

At the age of 18, Herman Jr. played the Handzame Blues Festival in Belgium, was led into the secrets of the Tx-blues guitar by Mike Morgan. Later he toured Texas with the Hippie Dogs, Holland K. Smith and Dallas' oldest teenager, the late Mr. Curly 'Barefoot' Miller.

With his own band 'The Eurocasters', Jr. toured Texas for three weeks in Sept 2001. In Forth Worth they recorded their demo-CD: "The Devil's got a hold of me" with Bobby Baranowski and Holland K. Smith.

In 2002 The Eurocasters recorded their new, still to be released CD, at the Palmyra studios, Accompanied by Texas-Blues greats as Mike Morgan, Hash Brown and more.

A true Southern-Dutch Blues giant.

"My European SON!" (Curly Barefoot Miller)
"This Dutch boy plays a MEAN AMERICAN AXE !" (U.P. Wilson)

It Rocks, It Rolls, It Moves, It Amazes. You'll dance, you'll see.

Check out his web site at

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aXis FMF2004 is open for submissions

In its third successful year, the aXis Florida Music Festival expects more than 150 Industry Reps, 2000 musicians and 25,000 music fans in Downtown Orlando from April 15-17th, 2004. From the "Who's Who" of Industry Cocktail Parties to the 15 live music stages and 5 electronic venues, the FMF2004 party will be the biggest yet.

"The music at FMF is well screened and the event is all within walking distance. It was one of the most organized music conferences I have ever been to. I saw more great music in one night than at most conferences!"
Jeff Blue · VP A&R Interscope Records

"It's a great time. All the venues, clubs, hotels and restaurants are within walking distance."
Steve Robertson · A&R Atlantic Records

"I made a lot of great contacts these past two years at FMF. Looking forward to next year."
Lynn Oliver · VP A&R Virgin Records

The FMF2004 website is now accepting submissions for all music platforms including acoustic, alternative, hard rock, pop,
electronic and urban/hip-hop. Please go to: or email for more information and to download the submission PDF.

For Industry Registration download the PDF at the Industry page and return via fax or mail. Register early as there will be a limited amount of non-label Industry passes made available due to the overwhelming demand. All Industry passes allow unlimited access to the Rooftop Industry Cocktail Parties including complimentary drinks and refreshments and a chance to network with the top industry players in Florida.

Expose your label, law firm, or artist to thousands through sponsorship of cocktail parties, stages, venues and the various print, radio and multi-media opportunities. Please email for more information:

For more info:

3 Days of sunshine, rooftop parties and rocking out on the streets of

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