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IndieMafia Records Announces First U.S. Release
Billy Don Burns
"Heroes, Friends & Other Troubled Souls" Coming Feb. 22

YOUNGSTOWN, OH (January 3, 2005) – IndieMafia Records is excited to announce its debut CD release: country artist Billy Don Burns’ HEROES, FRIENDS & OTHER TROUBLED SOULS, which hits stores February 22, 2005. Under a recently signed agreement between IndieMafia and Cleveland-based Rust Records, the disc will be delivered to U.S. retailers by Fontana Distribution.

The album, which includes 12 originals plus a cover of Johnny Cash’s "Give My Love to Rose," was co-produced by Burns, with help on various tracks from Jerry Laseter, Jeff Williams, Hank Cochran, Charlie White and John Scott. It initially will be available at Best Buy stores in five states targeting outlets in the Northeast Ohio, Nashville/Memphis and Texas Music Chart regions (Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas).

The first U.S. single, "Rock On," is a poignant ode to troubadours, from "minstrel children" to older and wiser (but still defiantly rocking) road warriors. The song, recently released to Texas Music Chart reporting stations, is one of three on the album penned with songwriting legend Hank Cochran ("I Fall to Pieces").

The first international single release, "Keith Whitley Blue," one of 12 Burns originals on the album, already has stormed to the No. 1 position on the Country HotDisc International chart. The driving acoustic two-step, accentuated with harmonica, mandolin and banjo, manages to simultaneously bemoan and revel in the hard living that killed Whitley and Hank Williams. It’s just one example of Burns’ ability to look himself in the mirror and, with plenty of dark humor, unapologetically tell the world what he sees.

Other highlights include "Dark Side of the Spoon," a harrowing look at addiction; "Patsy," a heartfelt tribute to the irreplaceable Ms. Cline, with guest vocals by Cochran and Willie Nelson; the album-opening "Mississippi," featuring Tanya Tucker; and a remake of Burns’ hilarious "Haggard and Hank."

Visit Billy Don Online at:
IndieMafia Records:
Rust Records:

Press release submitted by:
Martha E. Moore
so much MOORE media
PO Box 120426
Nashville, TN 37212-0426
ph 615.298.1689
fax 615.298.1446

Listen To Billy Don Burns Being Interviewed By Jerry Mac
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   This show was originally presented in The fall of 1999.  Now sit back and relax while listening to the great original music and commentary of Legendary singer/songwriter, Billy Don Burns as he's being interviewed one-on-one by Jerry Mac.
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   Listen to Billy Don's song, Keith Whitley Blue, from his new CD, HEROES, FRIENDS & OTHER TROUBLED SOULS

Doc Killian releases 4th album

Doc Killian is currently being played in 14 countries in Europe. #464 of the top 2153 in the European charts. Keeping It Traditional Country

Country/ Ballads /Patriotic

   Doc Killian is a 45 year old factory worker. He has spent about 20 years working in factories, since he arrived home after spending 7 years as a U.S. Army Medic. A few years ago, his wife of 20 years talked him into putting in a bluegrass CD with the song "Darlin Nellie Grey" performed by the "Stanley Brothers". He liked the song so much that he determined to learn to play. So, he went and bought a banjo. While practicing daily, he started coming up with some tunes and lyrics to the early songs he recorded. The banjo went on the shelf for a while, so that he could continue writing. While recording his first CD "The Factory Worker", at WSDS Radio in Ypsilanti , Michigan, he met and became good friends with Bobby "Swampgrass" Anderson. Bobby was one of "The Westerners", the band that started Mel Tillis in his career in Okinawa in the 1950s. Bobby and Doc worked together on Doc's next 2 CDs "Red, White & BlueCollar" and "Blue Collar Business Suit". After a successful launch of those albums, Doc started recording the 4th album, "Boss And Work Are 4-Letter Words" with William Davis, a fellow worker, friend, and an excellent musician with 35 years experience as a professional. Bobby, Bill, and Doc worked on and released this latest CD which is now on the move in 14 countries in Europe and the U.S.

Some Of Doc's Credits

  • 51 Songs copyrighted and registered with BMI

  • Airplay of 21 songs in the U.S.

  • Airplay in 14 countries in Europe

  • Chart action: 227, 270, 464, 580 of 2000

  • 30 Live performances International Country Music Festival

  • Nashville, TN (Top 20 of 220)

  • Live radio show

  • UAW Worker Writer Festival

  • Numerous appearances with The Huron Valley Express and The Radio Gang Band

Visit Doc's web site at


   Though barely into her teens, Alexis exhibits a poise and focus that far belies her young age. But then, the talented Oregon native started performing at fairs and festivals as a six-year-old, was singing for then President Clinton at a fundraiser by the time she was eight, landed a coveted publishing deal at 11, and has already penned songs for films like, "Ella Enchanted" and "Hidalgo," and has recently had her song "The Real Me" featured in the film "Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen." Alexis has accomplished all of this and recorded her debut album - all at the ripe old age of 13. She's already achieved more than some people do in a lifetime...but then, she's always been sort of driven.
   Her mom knew she was in trouble, when, as a six-year-old, Alexis asked her quite seriously while watching the CMA Awards one night how she would know which way to go to get up onstage when picking up her award. From that point on, there was no going back for the precocious young talent, who soon learned to play guitar, piano, and even the drums, and began making up funny words to songs on the radio and eventually writing her own lyrics as well. She began performing at fairs and festivals around the area, and was soon opening for artists like Keith Urban, Tracy Byrd and Sawyer Brown and playing to crowds as big as 50,000 at shows like Countryfest around the country.

Visit the web site of Alexis at

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