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Publicist Martha Moore’s so much MOORE media Enters Its 17th Year With New Clients And An "Industry Best" Nod

Nashville, TN (January 19, 2005) – so much MOORE media enters its 17th year with new clients and a nod from 3rd Coast Magazine’s "Best in the Industry" list (2004) for founder Martha Moore. The vivacious Moore has signed country entertainer Jerry Reed, blues/roots-rocker Jeffrey Halford and newcomer Steve Porter, adding to a roster that includes songwriting legend Hank Cochran, Roots diva Lisa O’Kane, country outlaw Billy Don Burns and Texas recording artist Sammy Sadler. Also on-board for 2005 are Alt-Country band Bucksworth and multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter Ed Snodderly. "I’m excited by my client’s diversity," says Martha. "And, I’m energized by the possibilities that 2005 brings to the table."

"This year sees an ever-evolving global marketplace, and I believe it is extremely important to tailor a unique campaign for each of my artists," says Moore. "Each project is approached individually, and evaluated so that the most appropriate strategy can be developed for maximum market thrust. This approach is taken whether the project is a CD-launch in the UK and France, or a cross-country U.S. tour. There is an incredible amount of important music to be heard and it’s my job to make sure that that happens for my clients." Martha’s well-rounded, worldwide savvy will serve her in good stead as she joins the CMA’s Global Markets Task Force this year.

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Melanie Releases "Melanie's Melodies Of The Rockies"

Boulder, Colorado January 2005

Melanie, a professional lyric soprano sings opera cowgirl through the vintage western music of Melanie's Melodies of the Rockies . Although she has sung in all capacities of the classical music world she finds recording the nostalgic Colorado songs sheer pleasure. From the reaction of her listeners likewise! The CD offers a medley of old Western rarely recorded music. This CD is now sold thru, museums and privately. The museums included are the Fort Collins Museum, and Pioneer's Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the University of Colorado Music Library.

Listen to Rock Me in the Cradle of the Rockies by clicking on title.

In Melanie's Own Words

Living as a little girl on a primitive Pacific Ocean atoll was unusual especially in the late 40s. My family and I were far from civilization. As a child I had few playthings, but loved phonograph music. I was especially enchanted by traditional themes of the Old West. Some of these inspirations were even written for western movies. Upon traveling to the Rockies and later settling in Colorado, glimmering glimpses of old rustic wooden ski still nuanced its way through the 50s and early 60s. One could catch the pioneer spirit by seeing the untouched log cabins, livery stables, and blacksmith shops right down town! Silver haired miners were still walking the streets telling their stories and singing their authentic Colorado songs. The songs centered not only on the scenic wonders of the Rockies but especially about the waterfalls, rivers and creeks that run through its mountains. The composers wrote in the style of the period genuine to their own culture, personality and dialect. The romantic pieces of1906 could be slow and soothing or in contrast faced paced dance hall vaudevillian. Later music of the 20s and 30s was written from movie locations to sell Hollywood films like in Trail of the Lonesome Pine. This was to add excitement of the outback. People from the coasts did not travel as today. So this was all wonderful and foreign. The imagination went wild, especially with children like me far from the Wild West. In the 80s, as a professional singer, I started my collection of these rare songs. My CD is a concert collection of 20 Rockies selections dating from 1906 through 1998. Straight-on ballad singing enhances the treatment of clear, shimmering wordage and expression. This approach lends vitality to the lyrical line. Beautiful descriptive words and music paint a vivid radiant picture of the Rockies.

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Wildfire Publicity had a great 2004!

Websites have been re-designed. Clients have been added. What do we have in store for 2005? has had their biggest year yet! Their annual auction raised $600 for the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation, double what they raised in 2003. They spoke with the legendary John Conlee, as well as current greats like Tracy Lawrence and the Wilkinsons. A video review section and an Irish artists section were added. In 2005, the focus will be on adding to their membership mailing list and speaking with even more country superstars.

Maggie Austin's fan club has at least doubled in size to over 600 members. Her music is being played in over a dozen countries, including Australia, Japan, Canada, and the United States. 2005 promises to be a big year for Maggie, as she plans to release a new CD containing self-penned songs and material from some of the industry's best writers! Her new single, "Taking Time", will be released on January 24.

Mark Holt & Kimberlee Holt Tully have been receiving some remarkable press! They were included in an article in American Cowboy magazine, one of the leading western lifestyle magazines in the world. They were asked to return and perform during the CHAPS National Western Art Show & Sale at the Excalibur Resort Hotel & Casino during the National Finals Rodeo. Their name was on the marquee on the Vegas Strip for five days!

Vicki Lee's new album, Crossin' On Over, has received an amazing response. She is looking forward to letting fans, old and new, hear it live with her new band this coming year.

Dale Everett achieved the biggest accomplishment of his career: he was signed to AMI Records in Nashville. He also released his first single, "Wonderful Life". Writer's nights, a full band, and a possible move to Nashville are in the works for 2005.

Donny H released his first full album, Listen, in 2004. His single, "Now Now", started seeing chart action not long after being released. Look for him out on the road in 2005 on the Loud and Live tour.

Tresa Street has been taking 2004 easy due to family illness. However, unable to be musically idle, she managed to write two songs that will be on her new Christian country project. She is already booked for Fan Fair 2005, where she will hopefully have a new album to sell!

Cindy Lu has been unable to stay put, literally: she moved twice during 2004! On top of that, New Artist Radio awarded her the Female Country Artist of the Year, making this the second time that New Artist Radio bestowed that honor on Cindy Lu, the first time in 2002. Cindy Lu plans to go back in to the studio in 2005 to work on her 3rd original CD, slated for release in September of 2005.

Leon Seiter was honored by being inducted into the Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame! He is beginning the process of searching for songs for a new album.

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