Country Music Planet Presents Joe Bakerís ROCKINí THE BLUES!
Country Music Planet presents the music from Joe Kidd Bakerís CD, Rockiní The Blues including the songs, Lincoln Continental, Come On In, and Memphis!!

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Joe Kidd Baker
Rockin' The Blues

   Do you remember when musical entertainer's had a style all their own? Do you remember the great entertainers like Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, and Johnny Cash? What about Neil Young, Bob Seger, and Rod Stewart?...Greats like Louis Armstrong, Liza Minnelli, or blue eyes himself, Frank Sinatra? Music had a variety and Style. What about the entertainer we all knew by his first name... ELVIS? When these singer's and their songs came on the radio, there was no mistaking who was singing. Now-a-day's that is hard to find. There are so many imitations and clones of one or two styles. No one has a style of their own anymore. Not until now! JOE KIDD BAKER, HAS A SOUND YOU HAVE NOT HEARD! EVER! A now sound everybody loves, from 2 to 102..."IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING!" Wait! until you hear this music and the unforgettable voice of..."JOE KIDD BAKER".

Click on the songs in blue to listen to clips.

Memphis / Come On In / Don't Crawfish Me Baby / Draggin' Leather
I've Been Loving You / Dancin' With The Devil / Lincoln Continental
Memphis On A Roll / Wood Pecker / Don't Come Back / Take Me Down To The River

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