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Chris Cagle Returns To the Road

Lorianne Crook - Chris Cagle - Charlie Chase
Lorianne Crook / Chris Cagle / Charlie Chase
Photo Credit: Bennie Shipley

   After his medical hiatus, Capitol Recording Artist, Chris Cagle, returns to the road feeling better than ever with over 50 shows currently on the books. Chris officially kicked off his personal appearance and performance schedule during CMA Music Fest visiting with his fans and industry friends who have supported him during his temporary leave from the Country Music scene.

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Waylon Payne
Lands Role Of Jerry Lee Lewis

   This article was taken from The Commercial Appeal in Memphis, TN with their permission. To go directly to the article at The Commercial Appeal, go to and search for Waylon Payne.

Payne's Adopting A Little Bit Of Memphis
And Whole Lotta Shakin'

By Michael Donahue
July 8, 2004

Shortly after Waylon Payne told his friend, Willie Nelson, he was playing Michael Donahue, writer for The Commercial Appeal Jerry Lee Lewis in "Walk the Line," the real Jerry Lee walked into the room.

A Nashville recording artist, Waylon, 34, is in Memphis for the filming of the movie based on the life of Johnny Cash.

Waylon didn't discuss his role with Jerry Lee. "I didn't even try to approach him," he said. "I'm not a very fearing man or anything, but something about meeting a man named 'Killer' - I don't know if I would want to be walking up to him saying, 'Hey, I'm playing you.' I don't know if that would go over too well."

Waylon grew up with a musical background; his father is Jody Payne, a longtime guitarist in Willie Nelson's band; his mother is Grammy winner Sammi Smith; and his godfather, the man he is named after, is Waylon Jennings.

He loves Jerry Lee's "vibe. He was just so rock and roll and so arrogant and cool."

Waylon did a lot of research on the singer he is portraying. "His torment is something that is a very enveloping kind of thing - his need to play rock and roll, which he felt was sinful, and his need to want to serve God. I can relate. He went to seminary when he was younger. After high school I went to Oklahoma Baptist University and was planning on being a man of God and preaching the word. It just didn't quite work out that way."

Waylon's movie costumes include a brown suit with a white shirt with brown polka dots. "It kind of totally changes your attitude when you're all dressed up for a '50s role.

"You oughta see this hair they put on me. Oh, they built me a Jerry Lee Lewis wig, baby. I got spit curls and everything."

Waylon said he'll do his own singing in the movie. "We sang all of our stuff, Joaquin (Phoenix), Reese (Witherspoon) and myself. Everybody who plays a part is singing their own part. T-Bone Burnett produced the soundtrack, which is incredible."

He recently released his CD, The Drifter. "It was a hard record for me to get down on tape, because it was putting a lot of emotion right on the line. I'd never done that before."

He's going to perform July 22 at B. B. King's Blues Club on Beale.

Waylon is having a good time in Memphis. "I've been to Rum Boogie about four times a day for ribs, put on 20 pounds. I found a stray German Shepherd on the set yesterday and adopted him. I named him Jackson after my nephew and after that John Cash-June Carter song, 'Jackson.'"

The challenge for Nashville recording artist Waylon Payne is to evoke the "vibe" of Jerry Lee Lewis in "Walk The Line," which is filming in Memphis. "He was just so rock and roll and so arrogant and cool," says Payne, 34.

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A Message From Jerry Mac
Concerning Waylon Payne

July 22, 2004

   It's times like these that I wish I was back in Memphis to see someone who's talent I admire so much finally get the opportunity he has worked so hard for. During the nineties in Nashville, I had the opportunity to be the master of ceremonies at many world famous music venues. While this was going on, I had the pleasure of being on stage with so many talented individuals. Some have gone on to become household names, some have given up and moved back home, and some, like Waylon Payne, are still pursuing their dreams. Well! This role he has acquired as Jerry Lee Lewis in the production of "Walk The Line" puts him one step closer to realizing his dreams. Out of all the singers that I have had the opportunity to introduce from stage, Waylon Payne is definitely among the most talented. I can't wait to see the movie. I have no doubt that he will do a fantastic job.

Blues Man Johnny Holiday
Lands Role Of Carl Perkins

By Jerry Mac
July 22, 2004

   Johnny Holiday has been given the role of Carl Perkins in the movie depicting the life of Johnny Cash, "Walk The Line". Now, this is an entertainer that I know as well as I know my own son. I am very pleased to know that the casting director of this movie has the insight to see the talent in all the individuals they have selected to take part in this production. Wow! Don't you know that I am proud of all the deserving individual that I know that are being cast in this movie? In addition to my friends, Waylon Payne and Johnny Holiday getting their parts, my great nephew, Adam Sutton landed the part of Roy Orbison's drummer. What a time they all must be having in Memphis. I talked to both Johnny and Waylon just a couple of days ago by phone and they told me about some good times they were having on World Famous Beale Street with my Nephew, Kenny Wayne Baker, who does shows there at Wet Willie's 5 nights a week.

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