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Youth Being Trained
For Careers In Country Music


   Tamworth Camerata is a formal annual country music school for young performers age 18 or younger. The school is located in Australia. My cowboy hat is tipped to the organizers of this school for being a big part in educating some of the youth of this world in a field that seems to be overlooked by most of the rest of the world when it comes to educating the young.
Jerry Mac

For more information on this, go to their web site located at

Young gun Country Music Association Member
Gets Rave Reviews From Nashville

By Jerry Mac
July 23, 2004

   On the last day of Fan Fair earlier this month in Nashville there was something very special going on at the former home of hounddogreunion.jpg (33475 bytes)Flash's Houndogs at the corner of 16th and Demonbreaun (the heart of music row). The place was filled with some of the best songwriters country music has to offer with a special appearance by Young Gun member, Rickiejoleen. The phones at The Country Music Planet have not stopped ringing since she appeared there and dazzled some of Nashville's most knowledgeable insiders. Nothing but very complimentary comments have been coming our way concerning Rickiejoleen.

make sure you click on the picture to get an enlargement of Rickiejoleen with some of country music insiders at this event including Jumpin' Gene Simmons, cowriter of 


Mark Holt and Kimberlee Holt Tully

   Country music artists Mark Holt and Kimberlee Holt Tully appear in the July/August 2004 issue of American Cowboy one of the largest western lifestyle magazines in the world. The article discusses western music's comeback as a popular sub-genre of country music. Holt tells American Cowboy that "[western music's] roots are in somebody getting a guitar and singing around a campfire or on a front porch, and just playing music."
   Mark Holt and Kimberlee Holt Tully do not really fit neatly into any specific label, and that is exactly how they want it to be. However, they do have a very western and bluegrass sound to their music. Joe Chernicoff from CowboyArtShow.Com in Las Vegas describes them as a "little bit of old time, mixed with mountain music...working together to make you believe you're really in the west...just like it used to be!"
   This brother and sister team recently released their debut album, Acoustically Native, which was produced by Bil VornDick, who has also worked with Alison Krauss. Dianna Watson "Kiwi Kate" from "Hot Off the Press" radio shows in New Zealand says "This is the most fantastic, beautiful album, I've heard for a long time.The Instrumentation is outta this world."

For more information, please contact Laura by email at
or by phone at 615-545-8763.

Internationally Popular
Roots/Country Entertainer Lisa O’Kane Tackles U.S. Market

PEACE OF MIND Hits Stores September 7

"…Brings to her songs the kind of storytelling acumen, communication skills and passion demanded by Country and Americana audiences." - Nashville City Paper

"…Reminiscent of Emmylou Harris, though not without sass and swing of her own. She jumps easily from the rockin' up-tempo opener to mirthful bluegrass to easy folk to string-laced elegance." – Nashville Scene

"Another intriguing collection…she is at her peak." – Country Music News

   Los Angeles, CA (July 21, 2004) Lisa O’Kane’s music weaves magic. With a solid international base and stateside distribution behind her, the L.A.-based Roots/Country singer-songwriter tackles the U.S. market for the first time with her new CD, PEACE OF MIND. Rocketing to international fame in 2002 with her debut CD, AM I TOO BLUE, Lisa has enjoyed numerous #1 records, performances at MIDEM 2003 (France), a standing ovation at the 2004 Country Music Messe (Berlin) and sold-out tours of Germany, Holland, Spain and Switzerland. This new 14-song collection showcases O’Kane’s rich and expressive vocals, impressive lyrics and the wide-ranging styles for which she is known.
   From the modernized sound of the Fred Rose bluegrass classic, "Foggy River," to the haunting strains of the new-Celtic tale of "Highland Ground," Lisa’s vocal power is never in doubt. The title track, one of five O’Kane co-writes, is a compelling mid-tempo, which features the dynamic finger-picking of Mark Fosson and impressive vocal crescendos by Lisa. She confesses, "It’s my favorite song on the project. It’s a play on words - because you might think that you have peace of mind, but I don’t think many of us really do." "Coercion Street" slows the tempo down with a somber look at the difficult task of overcoming life’s adversities. The poignant "Room Up For Rent" features an insightful lyric and sparse track, which is highlighted by Lisa’s delicate interpretation. Produced by Ed Tree, PEACE OF MIND features the West Coast’s most sought-after musicians, including Mark Fosson & Ed Tree (Bum Steers); Skip Edwards (Dwight Yoakam); Bob Glaub (James Taylor & Linda Rondstadt) and Jay Dee Maness (Vince Gill & Buck Owens.)
   O’Kane has been featured in every major country music publication overseas and has been hailed as a Roots diva by MOJO. Crowned with the #1 Most Popular European Independent Track of 2003 for her smash hit, "Wall Of Tears," Lisa is thrilled to release PEACE OF MIND in the U.S. via Portland-based Burnside Distributing Corp.
   An upcoming five-week tour of the U.K., Switzerland and Germany will carry O’Kane through August and early September. After that, she will re-focus her efforts towards conquering the U.S. market with appearances in Nashville and L.A. The September 7 release of PEACE OF MIND should help this versatile entertainer make a name for herself on this side of the pond.

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