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Gene Brown Presents his first country music CD featuring 10 songs he has written and recorded

Gene Brown started playing music professionally at the age of 14 on bass guitar. He Gene Brown, country music singer & country music songwriterplayed nightclubs and social events for many years and eventually made music a full time career. He started playing pedal steel guitar at the age of 17 and that became his principle musical instrument. Gene did not start writing songs and singing professionally until around the age of 20 and moved on to Portland, Oregon to be closer to the music scene.

There he met a man by the name of Gene Breeden who owned a recording studio called Ripcord Records and was hired on as a full time studio musician. While working there he met many well-known recording artists and began showing his material he had written to as many artists as he could. Gene has had several of his songs published and recorded over the years with two of them making it to a major label, Capitol Records in Los Angeles, California. "If The World Ran Out Of Diesel" was soon to be recorded by Red Simpson of Capitol Records and was performed live on the Dean Martin Television Show in 1973. In addition, Jerry Naylor from Capitol Tower Records recorded a Gene Brown song called "High on Happiness" and released it in 1967. Gene's pen name is Hobert E. Brown and all of his songs have been published under this name for professional reasons.

During his Career, Gene has performed lead vocals and backup pedal steel guitar, also bass guitar with quite a number of Grand Ole Opry stars. The first Grand Ole Opry star he became fortunate enough to work with was Bobby Bare ("Detroit City" and "500 Miles Away From Home"). Gene has also worked with many other Opry stars such as Dave Dudley ("Six Days On The Road"), Red Sovine ("Teddy bear"), Sheb Wooley ("That's My Pa"), The Family Brown in Canada, Dallas Harms (a great Canadian writer), Johnny Russell and many more too numerous to mention here. Gene traveled on the road with Dave Dudley doing auditorium shows and played for two of the biggest rodeos in the world, The Pendleton Roundup and the Cheyenne Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He also worked as a staff musician on a weekly television show in Portland, Oregon for two years with Susan Raye (from the "Buck Owens Show" and "Hee Haw").

Gene moved to Whitehorse, Yukon in 1975 as a landed immigrant and has lived there ever since. Gene has a wife named Carol who immigrated from New Zealand and they have a daughter named Krissy. Gene also has a daughter named Shelly and a son named Tom. Gene has seven grandchildren. Shelly's five sons are Tyrone, Andrew, Nicholas, Joseph and Michael. Tom has a daughter Augist and a son Thomas.

Gene Brown has had a wonderful career performing with other artists over the years and would now like to present to all country music lovers around Canada and the world, his first country music CD featuring 10 songs he has written and recorded. This CD was a labour of love for Gene and he recorded these songs from the heart. He feels deeply about his lyrics knowing that each song will touch someone's heart somewhere.

Visit Gene's web site for more information and to order his CD
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LOVE IS... SPRITURAL INTIMACY REDEFINED: The sound.. The song... The message...

EUGENE AND ANDREA, a husband and wife musical duo, introduce their latest CD release 'Sounds for the Soul'. This project combines both thought-provoking lyrics and passion-felt music, creating a POWERFULLY INTIMATE MUSICAL EXPERIENCE! They have a sound that is easy to embrace. Their songs are relevant to everyday life and their message provokes listeners to thirst for God and long for His presence.

There are songs that bring us great joy. Other songs ring of protest and provoke people to stand against injustices. Some songs help us remember the mountains we have conquered while others remind us of our lowest points in our deepest valleys.

SOUNDS FOR THE SOUL will speak to your soul and reach deep into the secret places of your heart. Allow yourself to be overwhelmed with thoughts of the One who so passionately pursues you.

People of diverse ages, denominations and cultures have shared how their music has added passion to their quiet time and meditation. Most importantly, It has been used as a tool for evangelism and has inspired souls to embrace reconciliation, hope and healing.

Their testimony illustrates the beauty that is manifested when two become one.

For further information, contact Eugene Mason @708.755.2163


Website Address:

Sound file :

The Lighthouse Gospelettes

The Lighthouse Gospelettes originated from the Lighthouse Gospel Singers of Athens, Georgia, a male quartet group formed in the 1940's. The late Mr. Henry Grady Roach, Sr., father (and grandfather) of the Lighthouse Gospelettes was an original member of the group. "Daddy" Roach's daughters, Alma (Roach) Stroud, Bessie (Roach) Willis, and Mary (Roach) Griffith started singing as an unnamed accapella trio at St. Mary's Baptist Church. Later, the group increased in number and was given the name, "The Lighthouse Gospelettes" by the late Mr. Roy Brown, who was also a member of the Lighthouse Gospel Singers. The original Lighthouse Gospelettes were: Mary Helen (Roach) Griffith, Bessie (Roach) Willis, Louise Green, and Alma (Roach) Stroud, Yvonne (Roach) Bulger, Henry Grady Roach, Jr., Henry Richie (pianist). Later on, other members of the group were: Pamela (Roach) Elder, Gwendolyn (Roach) Rittenberry, Gloria Green, Mamie (Robinson) McClain, Barbara "Bobbie"(Pittman) Richie, Juanita (Harris) Johnson, Mary (Henry) McKinney.

Through the years the group has had various members and musicians, however; one original member of the group, Alma Stroud, still stands strong as the 1st Soprano and mother of the group. She has been singing with The Lighthouse Gospelettes for over 40 years. The Lighthouse Gospelettes are blessed to have had her talent throughout the years and at present. She brings an enormous blast of spirit to the group.

The current "Lighthouse Gospelettes" have been singing together for more than twenty years. Inspired by the late Ms. Isolene Roach, Cassandra Stroud, Dierdra Stroud-Lee and Lisa Roach-Wilmore began singing as a trio. Later, this trio pulled together with the original Lighthouse Gospelette, Alma Stroud and formed today's Lighthouse Gospelettes: Alma Stroud, Lisa Roach-Wilmore , Dierdra Stroud-Lee and Cassandra Stroud. When this group first started, they only had a pianist, George Stroud, Jr. Currently, the musicians are: George Stroud, Jr. - Bass Guitar, Stanley Stroud - Lead Guitar, Takeio Stroud - Percussion, Howard Stroud, Jr. - Keyboard, Dierdra Stroud-Lee - Keyboard. Since Takeio Stroud (Drummer) is residing in Nashville, TN and traveling the country as a professional drummer, they are blessed to have back with them Dennis Daniel - Percussion. The Lighthouse Gospelettes are also blessed with Rodney Stroud  as Sound Technician, Stanley Stroud as Sound Engineer/Technician and Edward Barnett as Stage Hand/Asst. Sound Tech.

This family group is inspired by the Word of God and love to sing praises to God. Their reason is "For it is through him we live, move and have or being". They were offered an opportunity to record by Robert Mitchell, Sr., and owner of 2U Production Company. They worked diligently with producer, songwriter/composer, Pastor Michael Dennis of Atlanta, GA, Don McKenzie, Overdub Producer and Mixing Master of McMix Productions in Atlanta, GA. Also, co-producers were their very own Howard Stroud, Jr. (Music) and Dierdra Stroud-Lee (Vocals). The members of the Lighthouse Gospelettes are very talented songwriters/arrangers as well. In April of 1999, The Lord blessed The Lighthouse Gospelettes by enabling them to complete and release their first CD Recording Titled, "Thank You Lord For Saving Me'.

In October of 2002, the Lighthouse Gospelettes released a new CD titled, "A Little Something Different" under their own Indie Label: Getan Records. The CD was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Mark Smith of Full Moon Studio, Watkinsville, GA. The Lighthouse Gospelettes are the Executive Producers of this new CD Release. The Lighthouse Gospelettes produced, wrote and arranged 10 of the 13 songs on this full album CD. Others were written by Pastor Michael Dennis of Atlanta, GA.

The Lighthouse Gospelettes have a unique smooth, spiritual sound with crisp harmony.  When you witness a live performance by them you witness total professionalism.  The Lighthouse Gospelettes are very seasoned for a young independent gospel recording group.  They are known to bring audiences to their feet wanting to hear more.


Email Address:

Sound file:

The Country Music Planet & The Gospel Music Jukebox Present "Thank You Jesus" Radio Show

The Country Music Planet & The Gospel Music Jukebox recently launched a gospel music radio show on the Internet. Their first show can be listened to at . Keep checking back at the home of the show for more shows with special guest in the field of all types of Christian music. Listen to the guests give testimonies during their interviews with the show's host, Jerry Mac, and enjoy the messages being sent to you through their music.

The Country Music Planet was the first ever to present a country music radio show on the Internet through Inside Nashville Country Music Radio Show. By popular demand they have now launched "Thank You Jesus" Radio Show.

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