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May / June, 2004 Issue

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12 year Old Country Singer Kelci Paige
Becomes Newest Member Of
Young Guns Country Music Association

Written by: Jerry Mac

   The Country Music Planet is proud to announce to the world that Independent Country Music Singer Kelci Paige is now a member in KelcieNews.jpg (40103 bytes)good standing of Young Guns Country Music Association. Yes! Kelci is now officially one of The Young Guns Of Country Music with a bright future ahead of her. Being a Young Gun automatically makes Kelci a citizen of The Country Music Planet. The Planet has built a web site for Kelci on their domain. You can go directly to Kelci's Web at to read all about this extremely talented and award winning 12 year old singer, actress, musician, and dancer. You can, also, listen to some of Kelci's recordings (complete songs) at her web site at The Planet. A couple of Kelci's songs have, also, been placed on Inside Nashville Jukebox located at (Kelci's songs are numbers 145 and 146 at The Jukebox). One of her gospel songs has, also, been placed on The Gospel Music Jukebox located at (Kelci's song is number 22 on The Gospel Music Jukebox).
   Of course, you can always go to the home page of The Country Music Planet located at and click on Kelci's name under "Citizens Of The Country Music Planet" to get to her web site at The Planet. You can, also, go to the home of Young Guns Country Music Association located at to get to her site at The Planet. Kelci's music can, also, be listened to at the home of The Young Guns. Kelci has an official Kelci Paige web site outside The Country Music Planet which you can get to by clicking on the appropriate link on her site at The Planet.
   Kelci is a very talented young lady in many areas of the entertainment business. You owe it to yourself to visit Kelci's site if you are at all interested in seeing one of The Stars Of Tomorrow before tomorrow gets here. Later on, after she becomes a household name, you can say, "I heard her before most of the world knew who she was".

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BTI Records
"Breaking The Ice"
For Independent Country Music Entertainers

   BTI Records produces, manufactures and distributes promotional compilation CDs. This is your opportunity to get your material and name to radio, trade magazines, reviewers & more!
   BTI Records produces compilation CDs in 2 separate format groups (Country Music and Gospel Music). For more information click here.

Mayor of Las Vegas
Rolls Out Red Carpet For Country Radio

Nashville, Tennessee - In recognition of the CRB's regional event (CRS*Las Vegas) Mayor Oscar Goodman has proclaimed the week of May 24, 2004 to be "Country Radio Week."

CRB's Executive Director, Ed Salamon, is pleased in the acknowledgement, "Las Vegas really understands the tourism industry and therefore Mayor Oscar Goodman is really rolling out the red carpet for Country radio. He and his office are going all out, providing us assistance, to insure that Country Radio Broadcasters has a successful event."

From the office of the Mayor
(Mayor Oscar Goodman)


Whereas; Country radio promotes Las Vegas tourism nationwide by broadcasting information about our city and attractions; and

Whereas; Country radio is the primary medium for the Exposure of Country music and many Country Performers appear in our city; and

Whereas; The Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. brings together Country radio professionals from all across America together with attendees from the country music industry for "growth through sharing"; and

Whereas; The Country Radio Broadcasters' Country Radio Seminar - Las Vegas will be held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on May 24-25, 2004; now


Country Radio Broadcasters (CRB) has joined forces with the Academy of Country Music (ACM) to present the CRB regional event, CRS*Las Vegas: "Relationships for The New Millennium." This educational seminar will be held Tuesday, May 25, 2004 from 1:00-6:00PM at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas.

This Press release was submitted by: AristoMedia
For more information contact J. Walker
Phone: 615-269-7071 Ext. 123


Nashville, Tennessee --After taking five years to write the right songs, Julie SisterWadenews.jpg (71816 bytes)and Debbie Wade, the beautiful Nashville duo, are releasing their second album, Walls of Time. Sisters Wade, formerly on Blue Hat Records, will once again make country music traditionalists proud of the clean and rootsy sound of their new album. The new album is being released under their own indie imprint --- Seraph Records.

Sisters Wade arrived on the Country Music scene in 1999 when they debuted their critically acclaimed CD, Sisters Wade (Blue Hat Records). They garnered rave reviews from the likes of Billboard Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Request Magazine, and Music Row Magazine. Just a year later, Sisters Wade was nominated for an Indie 2000 Award for Best Country Record by AFIM.

Sisters Wade's first single on Seraph Records, entitled "Troublemaker," is set to release on June 15 with the album to follow in mid-August.

Walls of Time contains eleven tracks, six of which were written by Sisters Wade. The album is engaging, featuring a perfect blend of harmonies, acoustic guitar, fiddle, dobro, and mandolin. The sisters' growth and maturity as songwriters is clearly reflected in the new album.

Long Anticipated Single
From Sister Wade
With harmonies only sisters can produce
Coming Soon

For more information on Sisters Wade visit

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This Press release was submitted by: AristoMedia
For more information contact Jill Catterton
Phone: 615-269-7071 Ext. 132

Could Bob Dylan Write A Country Song?

   When most folks think of Bob Dylan, they don't think of him as a country song writer, but a lot of household names in country music sure did as evidenced in the great country CD "Dylan Country". If you don't believe me, just ask yourself these questions. Why did Earl Scruggs record "Nashville Skyline Rag"? Why did The Country Gentlemen record "Girl From The North Country"? Why did Waylon Jennings record "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright"? Why did Johnny Cash record "It Ain't Me Babe"? Why did Hank Williams, Jr. record "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight"? I'm sure you have gotten my point by now. Well! All these recordings and many more or on the great country CD "Dylan Country". If you are interested in ordering the CD or just learning more about it, click on the picture of the CD.
Jerry Mac


Country Music Planet presents Jerry Mac, editor

   Hello visitors. I'm Jerry Mac, the editor.
   I invite everyone to visit the web sites of all the country entertainers that are highlighted in Jerry Mac's News.

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Beginnings Of Country Music

When country music began in America, there were no professional musicians. The typical musician sang only to entertain himself, his family or at local events. There is evidence of square dance-like events as far back as the 1830s (with origins in European country dancing). At first, most country music was either sung by itself or played on a lone fiddle or banjo. A good fiddler was a very popular person and was often asked to perform at events ranging from weddings to cattle drives. There was no concerted effort to preserve the songs played, but the songs that people loved lasted as they were passed from town to town or generation to generation. Songs traveled with wandering minstrels and soldiers as well as those who moved across the country for the Gold Rush or in search of a new home. Often people didn't even understand the origins or meaning of the songs (especially when words were misunderstood and the mistakes persisted in newer versions of the songs) – they just liked the tune. The music of this time has been given several names, including old-time music and mountain music.
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