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November / December, 2004

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Loading Bombs & Singing Songs
Instructor Chris Brade aims for stardom

   This article was reprinted in part from an archived article in "The Sheppard Senator", an authorized publication of Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas. The article was written by Airman 1st Class Jacque Lackteig. To get to the original article, click here.

   Chris Brade grew up in a small, Texas town, singing along to Hank Williams, Merle Haggard and other country music legends, Chris Brade, country music singer & country music songwriterdaydreaming about performing for a large crowd. But Staff Sgt. Chris Brade shelved his childhood ambition of becoming a professional singer to serve his country in the world's greatest Air Force.
   Sergeant Brade invested countless hours of work to reach his goal since he was 8 years old, when his parents bought a guitar. He taught himself how to play it. Then he started singing along to the music he made and developed his own style. When he was 13, he and his brother joined a band called "Country Boys". He headed the group for about three years. At 16, he became the lead singer and guitarist for a bigger band, "Wild Country". They performed at dance halls around Giddings, his hometown, most Friday and Saturday nights for about three years. After graduating high school in May 1998, he applied to join the Air Force. "I knew I wanted to pursue a country music career, but I needed to do something with my life until I could get my career going," Sergeant Brade said.
   While Chris was waiting to get into the military, he landed an audition with "Emotions", the top dance hall circuit band in his area. A week before he was scheduled to go to basic training, a member of the band call Sergeant Brade to tell him he'd got the job, but he didn't let that sway his decision to join. "I figured I'd already signed up for the Air Force so I decided to finish my six years," Chris said. "I knew I'd still have my voice, so I thought I'd pursue my career when I got out of the Air Force."
   He said he didn't anticipate chasing his dream during his military obligation. But, when he was stationed at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., in 2000, he met a fellow Airman who changed his mind. "I was amazed," Sergeant Daws said when he heard Sergeant Brade singing. "I loved the way he played and sang." Sergeant Daws described Chris's music as something that is from the heart that tells a story people can relate to. Sergeant Daws inspired Sergeant Brade to play for audiences again and get in the studio. Chris joined another band, "Mending Fences", and played with them as the secondary lead vocalist and guitarist.
   With the help of friends and neighbors, Chris started recording his first album, a self-titled compact disc with four songs he and Sergeant Daws wrote. "We worked on recording for about nine months straight," Chris said. They sent the record to every radio station and every label they could. A few of the local stations played his music, and he landed an interview on one of the stations. He also played every venue he could, including a 30-minute show at the base exchange at Edwards to say goodbye to the base before he left for Sheppard Air force Base. He got to Sheppard, He competed in Texoma Idol within the first week he was there.
   Sergeant Brade plays for many charitable events, and he gives half of his CD sale profits to each charity for which he performs. He has played for Pennies for Prescriptions, Relay for Life, and he plays at the Red Door Senior Center about once a month. He showcases for the Miss Wichita Falls and Miss Burleson
competitions. He also plays for private functions, such as Christmas parties, weddings and anniversaries.

Chris Brade Becomes
"BonTex Records" Recording Artist

Written by Jerry Mac - November 3, 2004.

   Chris Brade became a BonTex Recording Artist in October of 2004, and he, also, became a citizen of The Country Music Planet. The first question Chris asked of me when he was inquiring about becoming a BonTex Recording Artist was if he was traditional country enough to be on the label. BonTex Records is a label that has nothing but traditional country singers. Of course, I told Chris that he was traditional enough. All one has to do to know that this is true is listen to his song, "Single For The Night", by clicking here. More of his music can be listened to at Inside Nashville Jukebox by clicking here. Chris's songs on The Jukebox are numbers 163 & 164.
   BonTex Records is a label with very few artist due to the fact that they are so selective about who is on the label. You can visit BonTex Records web site by clicking here.
   All connected with BonTex Records are happy to have Chris Brade associated with us. We definitely believe that there are big things in store for Chris. All connected with The Country Music Planet are extremely pleased with the fact that Chris Brade has become a citizen of The Planet.
Jerry Mac 

Chris Brade is a citizen of The Country Music Planet.

Chris Brade music can, also, be heard at Inside Nashville Jukebox (Song #s 163 &164).

Chris Brade CDs are available at The CD Planet.

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   On November 4, 2004 The Country Music Planet presented an "Excellence Award" to The Official Web Site Of Matt Dylan, located on the Internet at Matt Dylan and his webmaster are very deserving of this award due to the fact that the web site is constructed extremely well while remaining unique in design. We highly suggest that you visit this web site and listen to the country music of this very talented individual.

Aldo Calabrese
Releasing New Album

   Edgy, rockin', country that captures the heart and soul of rhythm & blues are just a few words that describe the new, soon to be released album from Cleveland native and recording artist, Aldo Calabrese.
   Recorded at the Funhouse Studio in Nashville with the innovative and magical touch of producer, Ron Cornelius, and some of Nashville's brightest and best musicians, this eleven song body of work promises to exceed the chart busting success of his last album, which netted six #1 hits on independent country music charts.
   Fans will be excited that Aldo has taken the sound that has become synonymous with him, expanded and fine tuned it to create a genre all his own, while exploring other sides of himself and his influences. From the up-tempo rockabilly feel of Stand On It and Everybody's After Molly, to the tender ballads, Fall Of The Year and Daddy's Shoes. From the free spirited, Open Road and Dixieland, to the socially conscious, Hearts Of Stone. This album has it all in what has been described by some Music Row executives as "power country".
   For more information visit

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