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November / December, 2004

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This Page Is Dedicated To Christmas

Santa Claus

Listen to Jerry Mac recite this original poem by clicking on the sound button.

Christmas Is For Families

Written by Jerry Mac on December 20, 2002

Families should get together at Christmas time,
And leave all their cares and problems behind.
Ones who had their differences during the year
Should lay them aside and spread Christmas cheer.

Miles and money that keep some apart
Should be with each other in their heart.
The ones who are no longer with us on this day
Should be thought of in a very special way.

Brothers should love brothers,
And sisters should love sisters, too.
Everyone should be happy
No one should be blue.

The young should listen close to the old
Because their stories are worth more than gold.
The old should listen to the young, too.
Sometimes they know more than we think they do.

The most important thing of all this time of year
When all of us are full of Christmas cheer
Is that Christ is the reason we celebrate,
So let’s do it with love and do away with hate.

Jerry Mac © 2002

Christmas Messages
From Our Friends At "So Much More Media"

Submitted by: Martha E. Moore

In this time of reflection and in the spirit of the holidays, the clients and staff of so much MOORE media would like to share a little of themselves with their favorite

**Christmas Remembrances**

Hank Cochran

"I lived with my grandparents as a child and we were very poor. Every year I would hear the other kids talking about Christmas trees and presents – and I really didn’t understand why we didn’t have those things. We talked about Jesus, but His birthday wasn’t a gift-giving occasion at our small home in Mississippi. One year when I was six or seven, I finally got up the nerve to ask my grandmother why we didn’t celebrate Christmas like everyone else. Her answer was, "You just have to believe." Well, that was pretty heavy thinking for a kid, but I wanted presents like all of the other kids – so I began to concentrate – and believe. That Christmas Eve, Grandmother reminded me of my promise to believe, and I went to bed that night praying for "Christmas" with all my might. That year, my Uncle and my grandparents scrimped and saved to buy me a present. When I awoke on that magical Christmas morning, there was a stocking hung from the mantel, and inside, a toy gun and holster set. I was amazed! From that day forward, I have understood the power of believing – and that is a present I will forever cherish."

Anthony Michael James

"When I was a professional firefighter, I worked a lot of holidays. I remember one Christmas Eve a few years ago we were dispatched to an apartment fire about 2 a.m. in the downtown district. Being part of the first crew on scene I could see this was a "working fire," meaning a fire that would require a concentrated effort to put out. Thankfully, the family living in the apartment wasn’t home at the time and no one was hurt. But, after we put out the fire and started to do the overhaul (combing for hot spots), we noticed that the Christmas tree and all of the gifts under it had been destroyed. You could make out some of the gifts through the charred remains and it was obvious that some of the presents were for a young child. After talking with the other firefighters, the decision was made to do a little shopping on Christmas day. Some of the guys dropped off presents they had gotten for their own children, and some of us dropped off gift certificates for various stores. Their neighbors got involved and brought the family different things in the hope of easing the anxiety of their loss. The family was obviously touched by this gesture of kindness shown to them by complete strangers. These are memories of my days with the fire department that I will cherish forever. Out of every devastating event shines a ray of hope and prosperity."

Martha Moore

"I can remember one particular Christmas Eve "adventure" with my Mom when I was 13. With only four hours left before the stores would close, we headed out in search of family presents at a popular mall 25 miles from our home in Washington, DC. Even though the weather forecasters predicted a heavy snow, we weren’t expecting the blizzard that came that Christmas Eve. By the time we had finished all of our shopping, we found our car covered in several feet – not inches - of snow and it was still coming down. A kindly store manager shoveled enough snow from the parking space to get us on our way. With a windshield thick with snow and ice, there was no choice but for me to hang my head out the window to help Mom "see" the other traffic. With the wind in my hair and the icy snow in my face, and with Mom clutching the steering wheel, we finally made it to our house about three hours later. Once home safe and sound, we made what seemed like the BEST hot chocolate I've ever had, and then we got "busy" wrapping presents. Our "two-man" assembly line consisted of Mom designating which gift went to whom while I manned the colorful wrapping paper and pretty ribbons. Mom, of course, wrapped all my presents. It was a lot of fun playing Santa ‘til nearly midnight."

Lisa O’Kane

"Celebrating Christmas in Los Angeles is always like Dickens as there are thousands of beautifully decorated homes everywhere you turn. City blocks are lit up with thousands of twinkling lights that make it very magical. A few years ago my now 12 year old daughter Kelly was in a Brownie Scout Troop. I offered my home for the little seven-year-olds to decorate cookies and then to take them Christmas caroling. We lived one block from Bob Hope's beautiful estate and when the girls showed up to sing in front of his gate, one of his assistants came out and offered the girls hot chocolate and cookies. At the time Mr. Hope was very fragile and couldn't come to the door himself, but the girl's sang their hearts out anyway. On the way back, my daughter took my hand and said, "Mom, do you hear them?" And I said, "Yes, Kelly I do." We were referring, of course, to Santa's sleigh and reindeer because she believed. And now every Christmas, my two girls and I and our friends go caroling and we still believe in the magic of the day."

Sammy Sadler

"I grew up in Leonard, Texas, and as a kid I dreamed of being a cowboy. I watched movies about the Old West and dreamed of riding horses, shooting pistols and ‘bringing in the bad guys.’ When I was eight years old, Christmas morning dawned cold and clear, and I just knew that this was the day my dream would come true – and it did. Underneath that beautifully decorated tree was a box with my name on it. I remember ripping open the package to find a kid-sized holster, two pistols, a cowboy hat and a shiny sheriff’s badge. I could hardly believe how lucky I was! For the rest of the winter, I ‘terrorized’ the fine citizens of Leonard, ‘arresting’ the bad guys every chance I had. My dream had come true and I was the sheriff of my hometown – or at least I thought I was. It’s a Christmas memory that I will always treasure."

Randy Thompson

"I will never forget the Christmas that my son Erik was two years old. He was just getting old enough to be excited about the holidays – and presents. So, there we were on that cold Christmas morning and Erik carefully chose the gift he would open first. Erik ripped open that package and when he saw what was inside he was so excited … the look on his face was amazing. Inside the pretty paper was a brand new pair of socks! He was so proud that he immediately put them on and walked around the tree, showing off his gift. It was incredible – here’s this little guy, so proud of a pair of socks that he took them off and then put them on again … and again … he was bursting with pride. Of course, there were lots of other presents for him, and by the time he’d finished opening all of his gifts, he’d forgotten all about the socks – and a lot of the other presents he’d received, too. It made me realize how little it really takes to make us happy – and that sometimes having less makes you appreciate what you have all the more."

Micki Foster-Koenig

"The Christmas Eve of my seventh year, a heavy snowstorm struck Nashville. Roads were closed, parents were frantic and kids were in heaven. A hot fire was burning, cocoa was waiting, and the tree was lit. It was a picture-perfect Christmas Eve … and then a phone call came for my father, Fred. Trains still ran out of Union Station back then, and the station master was calling to inform my dad that there were 10,000 baby chicks "fixin’ to freeze to death," if they weren’t picked up before the station closed – in exactly 45 minutes. I remember my dad hanging up the phone, turning to my mom and telling her he was going to get those baby chicks and then wring the neck of "the crazy s.o.b. that sent them." After bundling up and putting snow chains on the old family station wagon, my dad came in to kiss us goodbye – and the phone rang once again. It was Anita Carter’s husband, Don Davis, calling to tease Fred for falling for the old "chicken joke." The look on my dad’s face was priceless – it’s so hard to get anything by him! So, in the Foster family we say: "Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men – and all the baby chickens, too!"

Martha E. Moore
so much MOORE media - Celebrating 16 Years!
PO Box 120426
Nashville, TN 37212-0426
ph 615.298.1689
fax 615.298.1446

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