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November / December, 2004

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   Singer/songwriter Ed Bruce has a new website,, and with it comes a new traditional country music CD, "This Old Hat". You will enjoy
Ed Brucehearing the distinctive voice and songwriting of Ed as he performs 10 new songs along with 3 of his past hits.
   The recipe for this CD is: Take one of the best ballad singers in Nashville, use his talents as an award winning songwriter, add some great songs by a few of his friends and let the listener devour the results of Ed Bruce, master of his craft.

Country Weekly Magazine
   It's been way too long since we heard from Ed Bruce. His decade-long string of smashes like "You're The Best Break This Old Heart Ever Had" and "You Turn Me On (Like A Radio)" ended in the late 80's and he has been pretty much off the scene since then. So the big question has to be: Can he still cut it?
   "This Old Hat" answers that question in the warmest, most unassuming way you could imagine. Ed, delivers these 13 songs-including some new versions of his old hits, such as a gorgeous take on "You're The Best Break" in such a quietly confident way that you'd think he hasn't been away for a moment.

Country Music News - "The voice of Country Music in Canada"
   Getting to hear Ed Bruce on disc again is one of the better gifts that fans of "real" country music have been given so far in the 21st century. The man possesses one of the all-time great voices of the genre and his music has been sadly missed in recent years.

Website Address:

More About Ed Bruce

   Ed Bruce is a songwriter/songwriter from Nashville. Ed is the songwriter of one of the anthems of country music, "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys". He has strong distinctive voice and a great story teller in his songs. He is considered by some as a new alternative country music artist and others as just a great traditional country artist. With past recording in Nashville thru MCA and RCA, he is a a pro and well respected by his peers as not only an artist, but, also, a great songwriter.
   With a string of hits, both as an artist and a writer, Ed Bruce has maintained a successful career for more than four decades. "Mamma's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys", "After All", "Girls, Women and Ladies", "When You Fall In Love Everything's A Waltz", "My First Taste of Texas", "Ever, Never Loving You", "The Last Cowboy Song", and the "Theme from Bret Maverick" are just a few of the self-penned hit songs from this great artist. Then there's "Texas When I Die" and "The Man That Turned My Mama On" which were giant hits for Tanya Tucker - and the list goes on.
   Ed was born in Keiser, Arkansas. Early on, the family moved to Memphis and he claims Tennessee as his home. In the late 70's, he represented the state as "The Tennessean" in a nationwide campaign promoting tourism. Ed started writing songs in his early teens and first recorded on the famed Sun Records label while a senior in high school. Writing the B-side of Tommy Roe's million seller "Sheila" furnished funds and motivation for Ed to move to Nashville in 1962. "See The Big Man Cry", recorded by CMA Hall-of-Famer Charlie Louvin, earned Ed his first BMI award and Charlie credits the song with establishing him as a solo artist. "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" and "Texas When I Die" also earned Grammy and CMA nominations for Song of the Year and are both certified for 1,000,000 broadcast performances. In addition to performing and writing, Ed also has a very successful acting career, He appeared in the CBS mini-series, "The Chisolms", with Robert Preston, the NBC movie, "Frank and Jesse James", and of course, was the co-star or "Bret Maverick" with James Garner. He appeared as Sgt. Daryl Kelso in the CBS Movie of the Week, "Separated by Murder", and as Attorney, Harlan Hayes, in the pilot episode of "XXX's & OOO's produced in Nashville. Other star turns include the pragmatic Sheriff Lloyd in the Steven Segal feature, "Fire Down Below"; Thunder Malloy in the "Walker Texas Ranger" inspired "Son's of Thunder"; and Ed's favorite, the curmudgeonly rancher, Mitch, in Sundance Films, "The Outfitters". Ed was also the host of "American Sports Cavalcade" on The Nashville Network, and hosted the seven seasons of "Truckin' USA", also, on TNN. He recently began taping the fourth season of "Doc on Point", a series, featuring his dog Doc, which focuses on the training of gun dogs and airs weekly on Outdoor Life Network. He has recorded dozens of national TV and radio commercials including United Airlines, McDonalds, Kawasaki, John Deere, Dodge Trucks and the Armed Services Campaign, "It's a Great Place To Start" to name just a few. Today, as always, Ed loves to sit around with friends and talk sports - most notably, football and hunting, and of course, horses and dogs. There is championship breeding among the herd of 22 Tennessee Walking Horses, and numerous champions and Hall-of-Famers are apparent in the pedigrees of their 5 English Setters. This "royalty" is no more treasured, however, than the always present, variegated pack of tail-wagging strays, orphans and drop- offs greeting visitors to Ed's and Judith's "Home At Last" ranch. Ed Bruce's career now spans both sides of the Atlantic. He has gained an enormous following in Europe and performs there at least once a year. Next time you see the movie "Electric Horseman" or hear "Mamma's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" on the radio, take a good listen. It's a better biographical sketch of Ed Bruce than any of these words.

Submitted by:
Trevor Lyman
Music Promotion and Internet Marketing for musicians.

Lindy Gravelle
Launches New Internet Promotion

   Lindy Gravelle, singer/songwriter/pianist, is pleased to announce her new Lindy Gravellealliance with music promotion and internet publicity specialists, Oregon-based Gravelle is an independent country-pop recording artist with a loyal and long-standing fan base in the U.S., with hopes to increase her following world wide.
   Her trademark is her pleasing and engaging vocal style, jazzy piano accompaniment, and a number of witty songs that zero in on the battle of the sexes, with a humorous emphasis on the male species.

A few testimonials from fans

   She is a wonderful musician. I have two of her CD's and listen to them regularly. I have even traveled to hear her perform. Her smooth alto voice and wonderful piano are a joy to listen to and a welcome change in this age of synthetic music.
Ann in New Orleans

   I learned to love Lindy and her music while she lived in Nashville. She is a great artist and wonderful treasure. You will not be disappointed!
Tom Stearns
Thomas H. Stearns, FACMPE
Vice President Medical Practice Services, Brentwood, TN 37024-1065

   She is probably the best all-round entertainment talent in the Pacific Northwest. A talented pianist/singer/songwriter, her background in Nashville combined with her love for her native Oregon gives her show a quality that is unique. Its not country-western - its "Lindy" and it grabs you.
Jerry Salyers, Las Vegas, NV

Contact info:

Submitted by:
Trevor Lyman
Music Promotion and Internet Marketing for musicians

Inside Nashville
Country Music Radio Show
Bobby Caraway

Click here to listen to Inside Nashville Country Music Radio Show hosted by Jerry Mac with special guest Bobby Caraway.
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   This is a show that was done on the day before Thanksgiving, 2004. Host, Jerry Mac has some interesting conversation with special guest Bobby Caraway, a member of The Traditional Country Music Hall Of Fame & The Rock-A-Billy Hall Of Fame. There is some great Country and Rock-A-Billy music on this show that you will not want to miss. Click here to go to Bobby Caraway's web site to view some interesting pictures and information, and to view and/or order his CDs. Click on the listen button and browse all you want while listening to this show. Browsing the Internet or reading your email will not interfere with the show at all, and there is no download time. Click on the listen button and you should be hearing the show within seconds.

   Click here to go to Inside Nashville Country Music Radio Show where more shows are posted.

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