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Detailed information of our program for new artists

   Hello! I am Jerry Mac, The founder of The Country Music Planet. I have been around a while. I was born in 1940, and I have spent the biggest majority of my life in the music business. If you are seriously interested in pursuing a career in country music, and are willing to do a few things that I suggest, then I will consider trying to help you realize your dreams.

   The first thing that I am going to ask you to do is to read all of the information listed here (absolutely all of it). If you are not, at least, willing to do that, then I know you are not really serious about a career in country music. I am only interested in individuals that are real serious about fulfilling their dreams in the field of country or gospel or bluegrass music. I am a very busy man, so please don't even waste my time by emailing me if you are simply a curiosity seeker. I don't even like stating what I just stated, but I find it necessary to do so, because of the big loads of email I have been getting from individuals that are not really serious about a career in music.

   Before going into detail about what our many different programs for new artists are, I want to introduce myself to you in as simple a way as I can. The best way for me to do that is to send you to my personal web site. It doesn't tell you everything about me, of course, but it will give you some idea of who you will be dealing with if you and I both decide that we can have a business relationship that will be beneficial for all concerned parties. So I am asking you to go there now, so you will know me a little better. All you have to do is close out the window there to come right back here. Now! Don't just go there and glimpse at the site, and then return here real quick. I want you to know who you will be dealing with. Be patient. I will give you the link to get there real soon, but I want to suggest to you what you should do once getting to my personal site. Read everything that's on the first page you will get to after clicking on the link from here. Then after you do that, click on the link there that says "Jerry Mac CDs". I want you to listen to at least one of the songs there. I don't want you to do this for any other reason than the fact that you will realize that I am a singer, just like you are. Now go there and do what I suggest, please. Then come back here and continue reading. Go to

   I will now assume that you have been to my personal site and done the simple things I suggested. If you have done this, it is the first step in convincing me that I will not be wasting my time communicating with you.

   Now! I want you to realize that I know absolutely nothing about you at this point, and I don't need to know anything about you, yet. I will need to know a lot about you later.

   Of course, I have no way of knowing at what stage you are in at this point. You may be someone who has never done anything at all about pursuing your career in the music business other than just think and dream about it. If that's so, that's ok. Maybe you are someone that has done no performing at all in public. If that's so, that's ok, too. Maybe you are a real celebrity in and around your home town, because you have been singing either with a live band or simply going out and wooing everyone during karaoke. If that's so, that's ok, too. Maybe you have experience in a recording studio, or maybe you don't. Either one is ok. Maybe you are just a singer, or maybe you are just a songwriter, or maybe you are both. Either is fine with me. I am in a position to help both singers and songwriters that are willing to put forth effort in helping themselves. Maybe you have a demo, or maybe you don't. Either is ok. Maybe you have a CD or maybe you don't. Either is ok. Maybe you have a web site. Maybe you don't. Either is ok. You could even be someone that has had quite a lot of success in the music business. If that's so, we can still be of help. In other words, if you are serious about a career in country, bluegrass, or gospel music we can help you regardless of the stage you are currently in.

   It is necessary for me to state at this time what will run more potential "WantABes" away than anything else. We are not bankers. We are not interested in investing money in anyone reading this at all, unless they are interested in investing time and money in themselves. In some cases, we will meet you half way. This is a business, and like any other business it has it costs. You can't get good musicians to play on a recording session without paying them. You can't get a good engineer to work for free. A producer has to be paid. You can't get CDs manufactured without entailing some costs. You can't get a web site built for free that's going to do you any good, even though you can build one yourself. Maybe you have one of them, but do you really know how to market it. We do. We are the most visited site on Planet Earth dedicated to independent country music entertainers. You must have a budget set aside for your career. It can be very small or very large. The size of the budget depends upon what can be done for you in the beginning stages of your musical career. The preceding turns a lot of  "WantABes" away, because they expect something for nothing. We give something for something, but we don't give something for nothing. We can definitely give you as much as anyone else on Earth can that fits inside your budget, no matter how meager it may or may not be.

   The email that I get most often says, "What all can you do for someone who wants to be in the country music business?". They don't say exactly that, but it's nearly always close to that. The answer to that question is very simple. The answer is "EVERYTHING". Then I have to come back with a question, "What is it you want done?". The answer usually is, "I want to be famous". Let me tell you now that no one can guarantee you fame, and if anyone says they can guarantee you fame, don't walk away from them. Run from them as fast as you can. 

   Neither I nor anyone else connected with The Country Music Planet guarantee any level of success in the music business. We do guarantee, however, that we will give you exactly what we say you will get.  Your success will depend upon a lot of things. It can happen, but it's not guaranteed. There is no way to second guess whether or not the public is going to make you a star or not, and, believe me, it is the public that makes you successful. There is no magic formula for it in this business. However, you have a much better chance working with real professionals that care about you, than you would have trying to do it on your own.

   If you have read all of this, and are serious about us working with you then give me a call at 610-518-1122.



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