Printable Mail Order Form For Music

This order form was created for some of you folks who for one reason or another would prefer not to us a credit card. All the mail order sales on the Internet at The Country Music Planet are handled by Jerry Mac Sutton with The Country Music Planet. Make all cashier's checks or money orders payable to Jerry Mac Sutton & mail to Jerry Mac Sutton; 1 Black Hawk Circle # D6; Downingtown, PA 19335. No personal checks, please. Your order will be shipped to you by US mail within 2 to 3 days after receiving the order.

Print this form and follow the instructions for submitting order.

The order form is simple. (1) Find the items you want on the form under "Product" (2) To the left of the products you are ordering under "How Many" put the number of "How Many" (3) On the same line as the product you are ordering to the far right under "Total" put the total price for the number of this item you are ordering. (4) On the line that says "Total For All Products" put the total for all products. (5) Place the shipping and handling charge in the appropriate place (For USA -$3.00 - All others - $6.00). the shipping and handling charges are per order regardless of the number of product you are ordering. (6) Place the complete total in the appropriate spot. Fill out the shipping information and send in with payment.

How Many


Price Each



Billy Nathan CD "On My Own Again"




Billy Nathan Cassette "On My Own Again"



Billy Nathan CD "Billy Nathan & Friends"



Billy Nathan CD "Favorite Songs Volume II"



Total For All Products


Shipping & Handling

Complete Total Including Shipping & Handling  

Ship To:



City,                                                             State                                         Zip Code


Phone Number:

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