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Inside Nashville Country Music Radio Show
We are the same folks that had the very first 30 minute country music radio show on the Internet.

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      At this time we are presenting a rerun of one of our most popular shows, "A ONE-ON-ONE INTERVIEW WITH BILLY DON BURNS". This show is being repeated at this time due to an overwhelming amount of request from the visitors to The Country Music Planet. This show was produced at Flatwoods Studios in the rolling hills just east of Nashville, TN. We want to express our gratitude to Tabby Crabb, the owner of the studio, for allowing us to do this show in such a fantastic setting.
   This show was originally presented in The fall of 1999.  Now sit back and relax while listening to the great original music and commentary of Legendary singer/songwriter, Billy Don Burns as he's being interviewed one-on-one by Jerry Mac.
   Click here to go to Billy Don's site at The Country Music Planet.
   "Friendship is hard fought and hard won - Loyalty and Honor; the strongest cards in the deck". Billy Don definitely fits in the category "TRUE FRIEND" as far as I am concerned. In this world of too many phonies and hypocrites, Billy Don stands out as a real human being. What you see is what you get with him. Billy Don is one of the straightest shooting individuals that I have ever had the opportunity to call a friend. This would be a much better world if there were more like him.
Jerry Mac

Doug Dillard, Dan Crandall Smith, and Chari Davis
Live At World Famous Barbara's In World Famous Printers Alley In Nashville
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   At this time we are presenting a very interesting show that was taped live at World Famous Barbara's in World Famous Printers Alley in Nashville, TN. Jerry Mac's guests during this very entertaining show are Doug Dillard, Dan Crandall Smith, and Chari Davis.
   Host of show, Jerry Mac: Jerry Mac probably hosted more live shows at World Famous Venues in Nashville, TN during the decade of the 90s than anyone else. As the great songwriter, Tommy Smith, once said, "If Jerry Mac is there, a show must be going on". Just one of the big hits Tommy wrote was, "Every Time I Make My Mark Someone Paints The Wall" which was a hit for Tracy Lawrence. As a matter of fact, Tommy's brother, Dan Crandall Smith, a fantastic entertainer, is on this show. Jerry Mac is the individual that hosted the very first 30 minute country music radio show on the Internet. Jerry Mac was the entertainment director for "World Famous Gilley's Music Row" in Nashville for years. For the last six weeks Gilley's Music Row was open, Jerry Mac hosted all the shows including the last one.
   Doug Dillard: Doug is best known for his character "Jebbin Darling" of the Darling family on "The Andy Griffith Show" and his recordings with "The Dillards" over the past 40 years. Here is a press release concerning Doug in 2002:




   Nashville, TN - As part of legendary Arlo Guthrie's yearly concert series at Carnegie Hall in New York City, Doug Dillard, and his brother Rodney will perform with the original Dillards lineup for an exciting evening of grassroots music. They will also perform songs with folk legend, Pete Seeger, bringing their legendary acoustic folk sound to the Isaac Stern Auditorium within the Carnegie Hall complex.
    Now calling Nashville his home, Doug Dillard continues to work on several new projects weaving his own brand of banjo genius into the fabric of the Hillbilly Hollywood community.
   "This is a dream come true I never had," says Doug Dillard of his opportunity to bring string picking to New York City's finest performance hall.

For more information on Carnegie Hall CLICK HERE

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The Legendary Sonny Martin
The Nashville City Limits Band


      Once upon a time The Legendary Sonny Martin and The Nashville City Limits Band loaded up and headed across town to perform at The World Famous Stockyards. They performed one of the best and most exciting shows ever performed at this club. This entire show was recorded and is now available for all visitors to this site to listen to in it's entirety.

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      You can listen to this show from your computer any time you want to, but you can't download it, because it's being streamed from the servers of The Country Music Planet in a way that can be listened to, but can't be downloaded, so what you really need is your own copy of this CD, and there are not too many of them left in stock, so order yours today. The show can, also, be listened to at the site where Sonny's CD of this show is available by clicking here.

WMAC Radio On The Web
10 In A Row

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Songs From CD Tex - CD Vol 16 - November 2003

   This show features The Geezinslaws, Keith Norris, Stephanie Urbina Jones, Blake Stamper, Izak & West, Heather Myles, Jody Jenkins, Josh Owen, Clay Blaker, Blake Stamper. (In that Order)
   Click on the speakers above and go on about your business of doing whatever you want to get done! You'll be listening to 10 country songs in a row without any interruptions. You can read your email or surf the web while you listen. There is no download time here, because the music is being streamed to you from the servers of The Country Music Planet. If you get up and go to the kitchen or any other room, just turn up the volume, so you'll still be able to hear this great country music.
   If you are interested in more information on any of the songs on this show, click on the singer's name above. By doing that, you will be taken to the singer's web sites.

   This entire show was taken from CD Tex (CD Vol. 16 - November, 2003). It's one of the best compilation CDs of independent country music entertainers that I have ever heard. All of the independent country music entertainers on this CD are extremely talented. I suggest you visit each of their web sites. I want to congratulate everyone connected with CD Tex for the great job of putting this CD together. CD Tex Web Site
Jerry Mac

This is Radio Show Room 2. Go to Room 1.

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