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Sam Hofer
Listen to Sam's music as you read about him by clicking on the song titles,
WhitestoneLethal Action / Imagination Station

   The Hofer Family has been singing and making music, as far back as Sam can remember. Sam writes songs, and loves music, but mostly loves to tell people about hope in life (Jesus).
   Nothing on planet earth is as rewarding as truly helping our fellow man.
   The Hofer family has been ministering in song, in old folks homes, prisons, and open air parks, for the past 20yrs. Sam say's he was hooked for life when he saw his first horse, and when he heard the twang of the first string.
   Born and raised in beautiful, windy Southern Alberta, Sam had to travel all the way to Hanover, PA, to find the perfect wife. But Sam say's it was all very well worth it.

In Sam's Own Words
Inviting folks to his Official Web site

Hello from Sam Hofer at I want folks to think of this site, as the good attitude, good news website. Our goal is to have a positive, real, pleasant, hopeful, enjoyable, up building, God honoring, Jesus loving, fun loving, family safe, attitude adjusting, joy unspeakable and full of glory, no excuses, no regrets, country gospel, website. Where things which are; true, honest, just, lovely, pure, decent, hopeful, gracious, beautiful, positive, pleasant, life changing, inspiring, humorous, and real, are found.

To sing, and write songs that build up, and inspire our youth, our country, our future, and our attitudes.

My goal in life is to leave a legacy that will bring honor, and glory to “Jesus”, my personal Savior, to my wonderful wife Joan, and to my four awesome children, Jessica, & (Dan my, God hand picked Son in-law) Jacquelyn, Jolane and Sammy, George and my two lovely grandchildren, Victoria and Derrick.

I am fully persuaded that if we humble ourselves, repent, forgive each other, confess, turn from our sins, choose to have good attitudes, praise instead of complain, thank God for what we do have, instead of beg for more, become pedantic in honesty, integrity, love God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and our neighbors, as we love ourselves, never say woe, in a mud hole, but keep the pedal to the metal, then we can prolong, and stay the impending judgment of God, the righteous judge, which the bible promises.

I personally believe there is nothing on planet earth as valuable as the soul of one man. If a man were to own all the silver and gold from a hundred, million, billion, worlds it would not be enough, to equal the value of

One Soul, One Man, One Woman, One Child.

Sam Hofer

"Thank You Jesus Radio Show" Presents Sam Hofer

Sam's music is, also, featured at The Gospel Music Jukebox

Click here for a video message from Sam

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Visit Sam's Official Web Site

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