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Candi Carpenter & Jack Greene

   L & L Management is proud to announce the cameo appearance Candi Carpenterof Jack Greene & Candi Carpenter in the new Alan Jackson Video "Too much of a good thing". As always things are hopping with our two favorite artists. Jack is working on his new gospel CD with a host of guest artists scheduled to appear with him on this project. Candi is turning 18 in November and we will be ready to release her upcoming project. Keep your ears open!

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Web Sites

Jack Greene's Official Site - Candi Carpenter's Official Site
Candi Carpenter's Web Site At Country Music Planet

Lisa O’Kane
The Haunting "Foggy River"
To Be Issued To International Radio
On September 1

   "O’Kane’s emotion-filled lilt sings of broken hearts and memories with a voice pitched in tuneful misery."- Country

   Nashville, TN (August 31, 2004) - - Primal drums overlay the background intro of crickets and frogs – and set the tone for the swampy feel and Lisa O'Kanehaunting ambience of Lisa O’Kane’s latest single, "Foggy River." Issued to International Radio via the September Country HotDisc Compilation, Lisa offers a totally new twist on a Fred Rose classic – and produces a singularly striking record in the process.
   Mark Fosson’s delicate banjo work and Edward Tree’s tasteful dobro provide an ethereal overlay to the earthy drums of David Raven and the impeccable bass of Bob Glaub. Lisa’s throaty vocal is almost wanton in its despair – and a perfect fit for this story of love lost. The single is from the Roots diva’s PEACE OF MIND (Raisin’Kane) album, released internationally this summer.
   Currently winding up a five-week tour of England, Germany and Switzerland, Lisa is delighted to be releasing it on the Country HotDisc Compilation. "Fans have asked to hear ‘Foggy River’ at virtually every show this tour…it’s a big hit," she says.

Press release submitted by:
Martha E. Moore
so much MOORE media - Celebrating 16 Years!
PO Box 120426
Nashville, TN 37212-0426
ph 615.298.1689
fax 615.298.1446

Dani McCulloch
Is She Country? Is She Blues? Is She Soul?
Is She A Mixture Of All Three?

Written by: Jerry Mac - 8/31/2004

   Dani McCulloch's  musical roots are planted in that great Memphis blues, rock & country sound with a little Staxx Soul Dani McCullochthrown in.
   If you go to one of Dani's concerts or shows, you will hear a variety of music that ranges from Blues to Rock to Country and a little Soul. Dani always has a lot of fun, and when you go to one of her shows, you will too. If you believe that you can put this extremely lovely and talented entertainer into a single category of music, here is your chance to try. Simply click here to get to a spot where you can hear her sing.
   There is a new venue in Memphis that Dani and the Band will be playing on Friday September 3rd called "Plush"! If you happen to be within driving distance of this new venue, you should gas up your car and head there. You will be glad you did. Plush is located at 380 Beale Street, across from the new FedEx Forum.
   Visit Dani's web site for more pictures, her bio, and to listen to her music. Dani even keeps a diary at her web site where you can keep up with her latest happenings.
Jerry Mac


   Maggie Austin has re-released her self-produced and written single "Touchdown!" "Touchdown!" went #1 on in four days during football season in 2003.
   Maggie Austin is generating an exceptional buzz on an international scale with her six-song demo CD, Time and Again. Maggie is an exciting artist whose vocals have won critical acclaim, from artists to music industry executives. Her blend of traditional country themes and contemporary country delivery have made her an innovative and ground breaking artist.
   Maggie's cover of the Grammy award-winning song, "Breathe", held the #1 position on the country music charts when was in full swing. On, her original track, "Kiss Me", was a Top 10 hit for over two months. Her hip-swaying track, "Time and Again", also went #1. Maggie has never had a song top at anything less than the #2 slot on any chart she's competed on.
   Born in rural Pennsylvania and raised on a farm, Maggie Austin learned at a very early age both country values and her love of country music. The youngest of five children, Maggie spent many hours on the farm doing the two things she loves best: singing and being with horses! Having bred, raised, and trained exceptional Appaloosas, her horses have won national and international champion titles. Additionally, one of her horses was an alternate for the US Olympic Team in the reining division. All on all, Maggie says it best: "My love of country music was born out of my love of country live. There is nothing like being in the barn on a sunny summer afternoon with a light breeze and hearing country music on the radio, mingled with the smell of the outdoors! That's the best it gets - next to recording and writing!"
   There is no denying Maggie Austin's momentum. The global demand for her music is beyond contention. There is no better time to be a part of her burgeoning success.


For more information, please contact Laura
Phone: 615-545-8763.

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