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   Regional Australia’s biggest sporting event is setting the scene for a promising young singer from regional Victoria to perform on the world stage.
2003 Tamworth Camerata Graduate BRIANA LEE BRASSIL   2003 Tamworth Camerata Graduate BRIANA LEE BRASSIL from Shepparton in northern Victoria will sing the national anthem at the 2004 Cinzano Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix, to be held at Phillip Island on October 15-17.
   Briana Lee, 17, is already making a name for herself around regional festivals and shows, but now she will get the chance to perform in front of tens of thousands of spectators at the Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit, plus millions of television viewers, both in Australia and around the world.
   To top it all off, she will perform on the starting grid just meters from a field of 24 MotoGP riders and their machines, including superstar Valentino Rossi, minutes before the start of the big race.
   “It will be the biggest thing I’ve ever done,” said Briana Lee, a Year 11 student at Notre Dame College in Shepparton. It’s going to be an all-new experience. I’ve never been to Phillip Island and I can’t wait to get there and to sing on the grid. I think I’ll be nervous but I won’t let it get to me. My biggest problem at the moment is finding something to wear!”
   Nicknamed “Shirley Temple” as a child for her blonde ringlet curls and angelic voice, Briana Lee was 11 when she really started singing.
   “The first gig I did was at a primary school fete,” Briana Lee said. “My parents didn’t even know I could sing, so I think they were pretty surprised. Since then I haven’t stopped singing.”
   Indeed, a recent performance of the national anthem was with her proud family in Shepparton when her cousin, Brett Lancaster, won Olympic gold as part of the Australian men’s cycling pursuit team in Athens.
   Naming country singers Patsy Cline and Kasey Chambers as some of her influences, Briana Lee was thrilled to be invited to perform at the closing ceremony of this year’s Tamworth Country Music Festival.
   Other achievements include awards for best ballad and best female vocalist at the 2003 Kool Skools national recording project, winner of the Telstra Road to Tamworth Shepparton heat – where first prize includes a trip to Nashville, USA, to record a single - and performing the national anthem at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena for the Australian Supercross Masters.

Press Release Submitted By:
Cheryl Byrnes, Tamworth Camerata
Web site:

Kirsty Nicholls, Publicity, Australian Grand Prix Corporation,, Fax: 03 9682 0410 Mobile: 0417 774 192


2005 Tamworth Country Music Festival Dates
Friday 14th January - Sunday 23rd January

Cheryl Byrnes
The Pub Management
Representing: Felicity Urquhart, The Baileys, Aaron Bolton, Aleyce Simmonds & Katrina Burgoyne

The Pub, The Family & Southgate Inn

Tamworth Camerata - Youth School Of Country Music - Sat 2nd July to Thurs 7th July 200
Landline: 02 6765 4875
Mobile: 0428 413 809
Fax: 02 6762 4304


Nashville, TN (October 7, 2004)

   Americana Tonight, the weekly radio showcase series held every Wednesday at The Sutler, has scheduled an open audition night for performers to showcase material for future consideration. There is no advance sign-up. We'll begin registration at 7:30 and have the first performer at 8:00. There is no cover charge for either performers or guests. The evening is also open to the listening public with no cover charge.

Here's what you need to know:

* The audition is open to solo, duo and trio performers only. We're unable to accomodate full bands in this format, though you are encouraged to let us know that you would utilize a larger set-up on a program.
* Americana Tonight is not a writers night and performers are not limited to original material.
* Each performer will be asked to perform three songs.
* While not necessary, leaving a press kit would be helpful. Include a disc, photo, bio and contact info.
* Americana Tonight is devoted to Americana, Alt-Country, Roots and Progressive Folk music. This would also include blues and bluegrass music. Please, no commercial country.
* Live instrumentation only. No tracks can be utilized.
* A lot of any booking decisions will be based on audience response to a performer.
* No booking decisions will be made at the audition.

   The evening also presents the opportunity to showcase for other show considerations at The Sutler.

   The Sutler is located at 2608 Franklin Road (8th Ave. South) less than a mile from Zanies and Douglas Corner.

   For more information regarding Americana Tonight, visit the website at

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Another First For Country Music Planet
Compilation CD For Internet Promotion Only

   The Country Music Planet was the first web site to have a 30 minute country music radio show on the Internet (Inside Nashville Country Music Radio Show). The country Music Planet was the first web site to have a CD store on the Internet dedicated to Independent Country Music Entertainers (The CD Planet). The Country Music Planet was the first to have a country music jukebox on the Internet dedicated to Independent Country Music Entertainers (Inside Nashville Jukebox). The Country Music Planet was the first to have a newsletter on the Internet dedicated to Independent Country Music Entertainers (Jerry Mac's News). The Country Music Planet was the first to have a songwriters association designed for unsigned country music songwriters to promote their songs strictly through the Internet (Music Highway Songwriters Association). The Country Music Planet was the first to have a gospel music jukebox on the Internet dedicated to Independent Gospel Music Singers (The Gospel Music Jukebox). The Country Music Planet was the first web site on the Internet dedicated to Independent Country Music Entertainers to get over 100,000 hits in one month (Now getting over 300,000 hits a month and still growing). The Country Music Planet is first at searching for country music singers out of 310,000 results. Oops! The Country Music Planet must be slipping. They are 2nd at searching for country music singers out of 1,820,000 results.
   We could go on and on about what The Country Music Planet has been first at doing, but we believe you have the point by now. Since being the pioneers in introducing all these different tools for Independent Country Music Entertainers to utilize for promoting their music world wide, many have attempted to duplicate what The Country Music Planet has done, but, still to this day, no one does it better.

   Well! Here is another first for all you entrepreneurs out there to try and duplicate.

   The Country Music Planet is in the process of doing a compilation CD for Internet distribution only. This will be a CD with 12 songs on it. The most songs that any singer can have on the CD is 3, because in order to make it a true compilation, there has to be at least 4 singers on the CD. There will be a special web page built for this compilation CD. At the web page where the compilation will be, visitors to the site will be able to listen to the complete songs. An invitation will be sent out from us to over 1500 different places where you will want the music listened to the most; radio stations (both physical stations and Internet stations), music industry folks in Nashville on music row, country Music Trade Magazines, and other folks that will be in a position to promote any singer or song they hear and like on the compilation. The only purpose of this CD is for promotion. It will not be for sale except to singers on the CD. The Country Music Planet will absorb all cost of the manufacturing of the CD. A portion of the funds used to do all this promotion will come from the singers who pay to have their songs on the CD, and a portion will come from the advertising that will be on the site where the CD will be. The cost of having a songs on this CD are as follows: One song on the CD is $400.00, 2 songs on the CD is $700.00, and 3 songs on the CD is $900.00. Anyone interested in having songs on this CD contact us by email at or phone 610-518-1122. We believe it will help all who have songs on the CD. There will be contact information on the site where folks interested in further promoting the singers on the CD can contact each singer directly. This is the first time anyone has ever done something like this strictly on the Internet. Each singer will, also, get 20 copies of the CD which they can sell to help recoup their cost of being on the CD. The singers on this CD will be picked on a first come first serve basis. The deadline for being on this CD is November 10th. We must have all tracks and other pertinent information by this date, but the 12 song CD will probably fill up much quicker than that, so make up your mind quick, so The Country Music Planet can get you on the CD if it interest you.

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   I invite everyone to visit the web sites of all the country entertainers that are highlighted in Jerry Mac's News.

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