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Tamworth Camerata Graduates
Dominated The Maton Talent Search

September 2, 2004

Tamworth Camerata graduates dominated the Maton Talent Search at the 2004 National Muster at Gympie’s Amamoor State Forest last week.

Of the nine finalists five have participated and graduated from the Tamworth Camerata – Youth School Of Country Music which is held annually in July in Australia’s Country Music Capital.

The five young performers included:

Newcastle’s Julieanne Handcock was the Overall Junior Section Winner (12 to 15 years).  Julieanne was a graduate of the 2004 Tamworth Camerata and was the Overall Winner at the CCMA 12th Winter Junior Talent Quest in Tamworth during the Hats Off To Country Festival.

17 year old Shandell Tosoni (2002 Tamworth Camerata Graduate) who last month won the Under 18 Category of the NASHVILLE SONG SEARCH with her single HERE WITH ME co-written with Rebecca Lee Nye (2004 TCG).  Shandell is on her way to Nashville Tennessee where she will be joined by the 7 category winners who will receive mentoring sessions from highly successful songwriters and then perform their winning song In-The-Round at the famous Bluebird Café where the Overall Grand Prize Winner will be announced.

Talented Victorian guitar/vocalist Nick Kingswell is on a roll having received a call from the CMAA office that he has been accepted into the 2005 Australian College Of Country Music.  Nick won the Traditional Section and his Main Stage performance was exceptional.

Main Stage was a great opportunity for Armidale’s Brock Colley to perform his first single release GOTTA TAKE A MINUTE after winning Modern Country 1 impressing the judges.

Having recently performed with Steve Forde & The Flange and Steve Gibson on the rodeo circuit, multi-talented rodeo gal Shea Fisher from Nambour won her right to be on Main Stage in the Country Rock section.

Other entrants who entered were Victoria and Barbara Baillie, Jenna Brooks, Sarah Collett, Christie Davis, Nicholas Laing, Leah Briggs, Candice Arlott and Katrina Burgoyne who was outstanding at Writers In The Round with Nikki Gillis and Aaron Bolton as was Rebecca Lee Nye who performed alongside Billy Bridge at a number of his shows.   

Popular teenage band The Baileys starred on Main Stage and in various other venues and Aaron Bolton had his own show in The Theatre and The Legends Wine Bar finishing his Gympie sharing the stage with his good friend Col Finley.

Applications are now available for the 2005 Tamworth Camerata which will be held from Saturday, 2nd July to Thursday, 7th July.  Tamworth Camerata is open to Performers and Musicians 18 years and under wishing to pursue a career in the Country Music Industry.  For further details please contact the Tamworth Camerata office on 02 6765 4875.

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Cheryl Byrnes, Tamworth Camerata

Landline:          02 6765 4875

Mobile:            0428 413 809

The Country Music Planet
The Young Guns Of Country Music

   The Young Guns Country Music Association is an organization established in 1995 by a group of concerned individuals who observed a great need for an association dedicated to the developing and promoting of a rapidly growing segment of the country music industry that until then had been almost completely overlooked (country music performers who were 17 and under). One of the many reasons YGCMA exist is to promote country music and performers of country music that have not yet reached the age of 18.
   One of our goals is to get the young, serious dedicated performers exposure that is needed, so that they can start making an income as soon as possible in a career that often cost more than it pays in the infant stage of an artist career. Ask any parent of a minor pursuing a career in country music, and they will tell you how true this statement is.

A Unique & talented 16 year old country music singer
Listen to Rickiejoleen by clicking on song title
"Love Left Town" - Real Audio

Kelci Paige
13 year old  singer/actress/musician/dancer
Listen to Kelci by clicking on song titles
"Call On Jesus" - "Somedays You Gotta Dance" - Real Audio

Ashley Simons
13 year old singer/actor/dancer
Listen to Ashley by clicking on song titles

"When I Think About Angels" - "Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain" - Real Audio

Candi Carpenter
17 year old country singer making waves in Nashville!
Listen to Candi by clicking on song titles
"Blue Moon Of Kentucky" - "I Will Always Love You" - MP3

Nicole Mote
15 year old country music singer
South Carolina's best kept secret

Two Steppin'
A Young Gun Duet
2 sisters: Alexa Falk (14) & Natalee Falk (13)

Dillon Finn
16 year old singer/songwriter
"One Of Tomorrow's Stars"
Listen to Dillon by clicking on song title
"Heartbreakin' Heartbroken Woman"

Baylie Brown
14 year old
Country/Gospel Entertainer
One Of Country Music Stars Of Tomorrow.
Listen to Baylie by clicking on song titles
"Little Tears" - "My Sweet Love Ain't Around"

Attention Show promoters
Do you want to book The Young Guns?
We are very thankful that we are in a position to help these young entertainers get a little closer to realizing their dreams. They are each very talented. Listen to any of their song clips for evidence of talented Young Guns. To listen click on song title listed under their names.

Young Guns Country Music Association

      Some of the benefits of being a member are listed here.
1. A presence on the Internet on this web site. This includes us building a web page for you similar to
THE WEB SITE OF ASHLEY SIMONS, (This alone is much more valuable than the cost of being a member even if you got nothing else. Being a member entitles you to this web site which will have one picture of you and a biography. We will, also, upload music of yours to our server, so the whole world can hear you (two complete songs - we stream the music in real audio with 21st century technology that allows your fans to listen, but does not allow them to download the music). Your music will, also, be placed on "Inside Nashville Jukebox" located on the Internet at The cost for those who aren't members of YGCMA to be on the jukebox is $200.00, but as a member of YGCMA your music will remain there without additional cost to you.
2. A write up in "Jerry Mac's News" announcing the fact that you have become a member of "YOUNG GUNS COUNTRY MUSIC ASSOCIATION".  "Jerry Mac's News" is a bimonthly publication that is presented to the world over the Internet by "The Country Music Planet", one of the most often visited country music sites on Planet Earth.
3. As a member in good standing of "YOUNG GUNS COUNTRY MUSIC ASSOCIATION" you will be notified quickly of persons inquiring about you through the association. We will be glad to answer these inquires for you; or we can link directly to your e-mail, so you can answer all inquires personally if it concerns only you and not "THE YOUNG GUNS OF COUNTRY MUSIC" as an entity.
4. Most important of all, You will be allowed to announce to the world that you are a member in good standing of "YOUNG GUNS COUNTRY MUSIC ASSOCIATION".

      In order to offset some of the cost of operating such an organization there is a one time membership fee of $200.00 that pays for all benefits of being a member until you reach the age of 18. 

      All interested applicants must be serious about their career in country music, and must be of high moral character. References will be asked for and will be checked.

Membership Application
Click here

Rustie Blue & The Stallions
To Perform During The Quarter Horse Congress

Rustie Blue and her band, The Stallions, have been invited to perform during The Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, OH. The event runs from October 3 through October 24 and with more than 650,000 in attendance, The Quarter Horse Congress, sponsored by The Ohio Quarter Horse Association, is the largest single breed horse show.

"Not only am I honored to have been asked to perform at this great event, but I am also excited about the opportunity to share my music at an event with as much history as the Quarter Horse Congress has," said Rustie.

Rustie is appearing on Saturday, October 9 from 5:30pm to 9:30pm and again on Saturday, October 23 from 5:30pm to 9:30pm at the Ohio State Fair also known as the Ohio Expo Center. (717 E. 17th Ave. Columbus, Ohio)

In conjunction with the performance, Jerry Revish from 10 TV WBNS in Columbus will be on hand to interview Rustie and feature her on a segment of the high profile program "City Scene" on October 22.

Her debut single, "Chip Chip," a duet with "Whispering" Bill Anderson, can be heard on radio now. Rustie's album, Chip Chip, will be in stores later this fall. To download high resolution photos or for more information on Rustie Blue, go to

Lisa Berg, PR
Berg and Associates
115 Enclave. CR.
Nashville, TN  37211

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