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Ed Snodderly Makes Three Nashville Stops
October 7 – 9

Ed Snodderly

WPLN’s "Songwriter Sessions," Bluebird Café and Ford Theater
"…He uses all he knows and loves about the roots of American music as a backdrop."
- Colin Escott (Author, Critic, Historian)

Nashville, TN (September 7, 2004) - - Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, poet, actor and playwright Ed Snodderly will make three separate stops in Nashville, October 7 – 9:

October 7 - 3 p.m./WPLN Radio Taping "Songwriter Sessions" with Tony Arata and Malcolm Holcombe

October 7 - 9 p.m./Bluebird Café at 9 p.m. "In-The-Round" with Arata & Holcombe

October 9 - 12 noon/Country Music Hall of Fame Museum’s Ford Theater – "Songwriter Sessions" with Tim O’Brien
1 p.m./Country Music Hall of Fame Gift Shop – Autograph signing

Heralded as the truest representation of modern Appalachian/bluegrass music in the world today, words from Ed’s composition "Diamond Stream" grace the Rotunda within the Country Music Hall Of Fame. He appeared in the Coen Brothers’ feature film, O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU, and has recently completed his latest CD, BRIER VISIONS, due for first quarter 2005 release. Audiences will be treated to selections from the critically acclaimed DIAMOND STREAM project and a preview of the upcoming BRIER VISIONS. 

For more information contact:
Martha E. Moore
so much MOORE media - Celebrating 16 Years!
PO Box 120426
Nashville, TN 37212-0426
ph 615.298.1689
fax 615.298.1446

Country Music News In Brief

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Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Mountain Man
During Toby Keith's show Sunday at the Champlain Valley Fair, a general with the Vermont National Guard presented the singer with an authentic Green Mountain Boys flag, reports The gesture was meant as a thank-you to Toby for his continued support of the men and women who serve in the military. For more on Toby, click here: Toby Keith -- Official Site

Engineer for Kenny Chesney Arrested
Kenny Chesney's video engineer, Robert E. Lee, was arrested last week in Syracuse, N.Y., and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance after a police officer found drug paraphernalia in his pocket. The incident took place the day before Kenny & Co. took the stage at the New York State Fair. Robert, meanwhile, was released on bail the night of the arrest.

Legal Ease
Mother-daughters trio the Jenkins will perform in Washington, D.C., on Thursday at a party that will celebrate legal digital downloading of music. After that, they'll head north (and west) to take part in the festivities surrounding the Canadian Country Music Awards. Look for the Jenkins' debut album, featuring current single "Getaway Car," to hit stores sometime in January. Capitol Records Nashville

Hate Your Country?
Proof that Big & Rich are not your father's country music can be found in the unbelievably varied fan base that they attract. "Kids come up to us all the time and say, 'Ya know, I hate country music, but I love y'all's record,'" says the duo's Big Kenny. "That's great -- we don't care how they get it, just so they get it." Country Standard Time

What He Did, Does and Will Do
Alan Jackson thinks that What I Do is undoubtedly the perfect title for his brand-new album. "This is exactly the kind of music I wanted to make when I was starting out," he says. "Had it not worked out for me, I guess I'd still be doing it -- except in some bar and nobody would know it." AP/

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Hank Williams 81st Birthday Chat Event
September 17th, 2004

A Note From Jerry Mac

   This is one birthday party that I am not going to miss. I had the pleasure of celebrating Hank's 75th birthday party in Nashville at World Famous Tootsie's. My wife and I really had a good time mixing with all the "die hard" Hank Williams fans that were there. Jett Williams and her great band were there doing all that great Hank Williams music along with other entertainers.
   More often than not, when I am at a country music show, I am involved in it one way or the other, but I took the day off and became "just a fan". I really met some nice folks that day from all over the world. I honestly believe that the most "down home" people on Planet Earth are Hank Williams, Sr. fans, so if you like "down home" folks make sure you are at Hank's Online Birthday Bash".
Jerry Mac

Everyone is invited to Hank's 81st Birthday Chat,
being held ANYTIME on Friday, September 17th, 2004 @

We are expecting a great turnout from the International "Hank Community", so we've set up two additional chat Rooms to handle the load.

Best wishes and see you all there!
Tom, ATL Web Admin

Listen to these Hank Tributes

Tribute To Hank Williams, Sr. - Jerry Mac
Hank Is Dead - The Moore Brothers

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   Entertainers, submit your press releases by e-mail. All submissions will be considered for inclusion, but the articles that appear here must be approved by the owners and publishers of "Jerry Mac's News".

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