The Jerry Mac Show During The 26th Elvis Presley Anniversary
View photos of Jerry Mac and his guest during the time Jerry Mac spent doing his show next door to Elvis Presley’s mansion, Graceland, in Memphis, TN!

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   On August 3, 2003, exactly one week before the 26th anniversary of the passing of Elvis, Jerry Mac did an interview with Elsa Cardenas, the costar of "Fun In Acapulco". Some of you visitors may, also, remember Elsa from the role she played as Juana Guerra Benedict, the wife of Jordan 'Jordy' Benedict III (played by Dennis Hopper). She, also, appeared in over 100 other films, including The Wild Bunch. To see a list of all the films she played in, go to This 6 minute interview is featured here for only 99 cents per download. Any Elvis fan should be proud to own this.

Jerry Mac's Interview
With Elsa Cardenas

Listen to clip


Jerry Mac, also, did shows the year before, during the 25th anniversary  Click here for the 25th show.

   During the 25th Anniversary at Graceland, I interviewed one of Belgium's most famous entertainers, Helmut Lotti, for a TV crew from Belgium. This interview was broadcast during a special in Belgium on Helmut Lotti. The couple in the picture below (Mariette & Serge) was nice enough to send me a copy of this show on DVD all the way from Belgium. The picture below was taken during the 26th anniversary at Graceland. I take this opportunity to thank Mariette & Serge for going to the trouble of making sure I got the DVD. I, also want to thank them for the great Belgium chocolate they sent me.
Jerry Mac

Photo taken next door to Graceland during the 26th anniversary of the passing of Elvis Presley
From left to right: Mariette - Serge - Jerry Mac

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